Export Audio Mixdown>Export Range: Select/Deselect all Cycle Markers, Sort + Search

Hi there!

In writing this became three requests but they’re all regarding the Export Audio Mixdown>Export Range area so I hope that’s OK (can happily split into three topics):

  • Select/Deselect all Cycle Markers: when I’m working with 100+ cycle markers for exporting sfx it would be so useful to have a way to clear (/deselect) all the selected cycle markers so I can be use that I’m only exporting the ones I’ve about to select.

  • Sort by ID or Name: it would be great to be able to click on the “ID” or “Name” headers to sort the cycle markers accordingly.

  • SearchIt would also be really useful to have the newly implemented “Search Channel” option implemented for Cycle Markers as well.



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These are great and it would be great to have in Cubase as well. I ran into this same thing of having to deselect cycle markers. The window scrolling seems “touchy” and there is no key assignment for select/deselect. Even if you could use the arrow keys to navigate up and down and select/deselect with a key command would be a little faster.

There is already a thread regarding this topic / issue.

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