Export Audio Mixdown : White line fever bug - GUI glitch

I get strange redraws in my Export Audio Dialog Box when i scroll the list of channels to tick for export.
Photo attached, and here is a video link with a video…
Basically you get white lines across the box, when you scroll slowly, the box files up with white lines, when you speed up, they kinda go away, when you click in the box, white lines go away!

White line fever happens on every session. I can work around it but it is pretty annoying. The gui glitch clears when you click once in the box, but it does slow me down as i’m already getting used tho the dark themed esport box as it is without having to deal with white lines in my session :laughing: :laughing:

Win 10, NVIDIA GTX760…
Never had this issue with any other version of cubase… a couple of lines (of code) should fix the re-draw issue :unamused: :open_mouth: :laughing:


Can confirm, have the same glitch. W7 / GT555M / Cubase 10.0.5

This happens if you have tracks with 19+ characters in their name. If the tracks in the project have their names no longer than 18 characters, then this issue does not occur.

Same issue here, I believe it is the side scroll bar that is glitched out, because the cycle marker window I don’t think does this… or maybe it does at a certain character length?

Also will point ya’ll to this thread if you want to give your input on the new export window: