new Export window confusing and scattered, hard to look at imo, see picture

There’s a combination of things here that I am personally finding disorienting.

First and I think foremost, it “reads” a bit like a Chinese book… Right to left, instead of left to right. The export button and format selection should be the last column on the far right. that export button is the last thing I look at even though ultimately it is what I want to hit.

Secondly, the different export options seem to be a bit scattered from each other. For instance, the ‘Add to project’ panel, should be together with the export button and format selection.

Third, I like the new Cubase colours, but for whatever reason - I cannot stand them in the export window. I think it is the combination of a.) Actually having something textual to read in Cubase whereas almost nothing else is apart from track titles and menus, and the close proximity of unrelated text all saying something else… white text on a dark background :confused:

photoshop inverted colours:

The export window should be opposite background colour - bright, with dark text. wake up Cubase users out of their time warp music project daze and make sure they select the right export options and sample rate :laughing:

Maybe it’s the amount of coffee I’ve hard, but it’s giving me anxiety :laughing: I find myself looking left to right, right to left, triple checking everything more than I normally would like a squirrel crossing a road.

Maybe some disagree.

And please add a full file name preview to the bottom of the entire export window.

panel placement re-organized logical

+1, I agree regarding the placement and logical order of the things at the export screen.
Your way is more logical: Input at left, Output at right. :bulb:

My suggestion (as your suggestion in your pic, with a couple of adjustments):

  • Left align Name/Path (as your suggestion).
  • All Channel Selection boxes to the left (as your suggestion).
  • Channel/Cycle selection name boxes widened so that this section spans both left and mid section.
  • Name Attribute/Scheme could be in 2nd column/mid section to fill the void above the widened Channel/Cycle selection.
  • Output things to the right: Add to project, Audio Output + Export button, More options (as your suggestion).
  • Full file name preview row at the bottom added (as your suggestion).

I don’t agree regarding bright background though, it should stay dark and be uniform with the rest of the C10 gui.
If you need to wake up from your daze at export time, maybe you could just try to slap your face a couple of times? :laughing:

+1 The menu can be configured better for workflow and view-ability as suggested. It should be reviewed.

Regards :sunglasses:

face numb, too much caffeine… that’s a song isn’t it? some swede produced it I think :laughing:

Seriously though, a straight up Photoshop colour inversion churned out some creamyness that is way softer on the eyes and easier to read… take a look… :open_mouth:

imo, much better,

my export anxiety is cured just looking at that beautiful picture.

OMG, I’m not alone!

Huge +1 and for the color either.

export anxiety anonymous, we’re here for you :laughing:

1:something is not logical in appearance.
2:also the mp3 settings is always hidden and need to pop it out in new window to see what setting are there (more click steinberg.we agreed we need less :laughing: )
3:when export its not possible anymore to choose existing file to click on it and get the name of it to replace it :unamused:

Oh, my…! :confused:

HUUUUGE +1 one here.

Why they did this?! I noticed that I’m now working slower than ever in the past because of changes like this. This is just an opposite effect - instead of working faster, we now work slower because everything is switched for worse, with no logical explanation…

I get that maybe they were thinking a lot of people simply don’t use all the other options, and just do straight up ‘export beat I just made’, but, all those people have to do is look for the export button and format so it doesn’t really matter where everything is placed for these people - they just have to look for one thing. The rest of us doing more complicated exports and have bigger logistics to contend with however, are left looking all over the place in export window.

and honestly, my vision feels %30 less blurred with this colour inversion I did and I don’t even have a vision problem.


Somethings are good, like collapsible panels.

That’s exactly the worst of it…in previous versions you can just look and see everything you need…export audio mixdown - > one click for both location and name, blink, everything ok -> export…operation for 3 sec…now? you must search for everything…click location, click name, click file format, where is mp3 quality? where is samplerate? click, click, click, ah there it is, click, “warning - select channel” oh f**, click, click, i want mono export, where is it? click, nope, click, nope, click, there is it, click,…
up to 1 minute

now talk about speeding up workflow

Good for people on small screens, I’m pretty sure if you leave them open, they stay open?


When ever I do an export, I come back to this thread to look at my inverted colour picture… it puts me at ease.

+1 Agreed!

GIGANTIC + 1 for this - please sort this out in the next update - I create so many files a day with slightly different titles - this change (which I can’t see any reason for at all) is causing me so many problems, please revert it.

I started a thread specifically about it:

I couldn’t agree more, the new look and colour scheme is cool, but there are some layout or design elements that are now confusing, when they were not before.

I can’t even put my finger on why, for me it’s not only the export window, but simple things like: I can’t find the ‘snap to grid’ button without having to think about it, am I just not used to the colours? Is it the Flat design? it doesn’t look like it’s clickable?
I don’t remember having any problems with it before.

And why is the ‘Edit IDE Tag’ two clicks deep now?
I think that export page needs either an over-overhaul or just to revert back to the old one.