Export length issue with Arranger track active

I noticed a strange issue when exporting audio (the main/stereo mix) while the arranger track is active: If there are parts that are skipped during the export (due to the active arranger track not including certain sections of a piece), then the export will correctly skip those parts too, but it will then at the end of the export start over again and loop back to export the beginning of the song again, appended at the end of the export. My guess is that the algorithm that calculates the export length doesn’t take into account skipped parts of the arranger track and just calculates length based on the locator positions indicating the export range.

Example: Locator range is set to bars 1 through 6 to indicate export range. Arranger track is active and the arrangement consists of two parts, bars 1 and 2 and bars 4 and 5. The export will now consist of bars 1, 2, 4, 5, with another bar 1 appended at the end.

While I can just open the exported file and cut off the “extra” part at the end, that’s quite annoying so I was hoping somebody knows a workaround or fix for this?

Hmm… FWIW, I’ve not noticed this before.

Have you tried setting different overall lengths of the Locators - like maybe 1 - 5 to see what happens…? What about if you go crazy and set them to 1 - 8…!? Any differences…?

See if you can do some more experimenting, adding a dummy 3rd Arranger Part with another gap between, etc…

(sorry, not at my machine to directly help)

Thanks - good suggestion! I’ll experiment some more and will post my findings!

This is definitely a bug, or at least unintuitive behavior. Take a look at the screenshot: The arranger track is active and has an arranger chain consisting of parts A, C and D. The locators are set to cover all four parts (A, B, C and D). When exporting audio, the exported file will be A, C, D, and then another copy of A. So while the audio export algorithm takes the arranger chain into account (by properly skipping part B), it doesn’t cover the area indicated by the locators, but instead just takes the total length of that locator range and stars exporting the arranger chain all over again from the beginning at the end of the export. Steinberg - would be great to fix this!

I reported this issue a long time ago, when Arranger track was new, Cubase 8.

A fairly minor issue depending on how you are using the Arranger, I guess.


Ah, thanks for reporting it, and letting us know that you did! Given that it’s been around since Cubase 8, and is still present in Cubase 11, seems like this is very low on the bug prioritization scale of the Steinberg team. As you say, a somewhat minor issue in the big scheme of things, but annoying nonetheless. Let’s keep our fingers crossed this will get fixed at some point - fixing quality-of-life bugs like this are what separates a truly premium product from … not so premium products :slight_smile: