Export MIDI without CC data (to use in any DAW)

I would like to export the MIDI data from a piece I’ve written using DORICO and import it in my DAW. The problem is that it usually comes with a lot of CC data I don’t need (and, actually, it can mess the project).

I don’t know if it’s possible, but it looks like a not very complicated thing:

  • Exporting MIDI without any CC data. Just the basics (note length, velocity)

What I would like to achieve is to import the midi track directly to my DAW in order to go on working with the piece in there. Sometimes is better recording it again, but I wish I could do this for the more mechanical passages (or the runs) as I can’t play them (and a keyboard is not a flute, for instance).

I don’t know if it’s possible to do it right now.

My workaround is normal export, import and then delete the MIDI CC data from any track. However, this method has this latter step, which I think could be avoided.

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve no idea what the Dev team might come up with, but off hand those are driven by expression maps - as well as a setting in preferences that allows you to include (or not) any that are entered from your keyboard if you happened to play them in.

So… if you created a “no expression” blank expression map that didn’t even have CC for dynamics - then there should be no CC in the export and be pretty much what you want?

Hello @reztes ,
I posted the very same request before. There is a temp solution on this issue provided by Daniel Spreadbury.
Here is the topic:

I hope they will do something to implement the needed options to exclude MIDI data! :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Thurisaz :slight_smile:

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