Export Multiple Midi Tracks Separately to Audio

Hi , I’m am going to send my compositions to a mastering engineer who does not use Cubase.

I use only midi tracks.

I want to know if there is a way to export all midi tracks…as audio, each as a separate AIFF file with a name on it? Such as Trumpets, Horns, etc.?

I want to send them to the mastering engineer and have him be able to import them into whatever software he uses, and have them import at the right time in the mix.

I know I can do one track at a time but is there a faster way??

Many thanks, Jeff

In your export window juste choose multi track export sélect the track And done !

Hi. You mean select the tracks (plural) right?
I’m not on my computer right now but you mean when I go to the export audio page choose multi track export?
I’ve never noticed that before. I’ll have a look.
Thx jeff

The box you need is actually called batch export and then you can select all channels you wish to export.

The only limitation is that you must choose mono or stereo as output so if you wanted to force mono on some tracks you’ll need to run a separate batch.

HI Grim , the issue I have is that when I click on the Batch Export it only show a few options, like output channel, stereo out etc. No individual instrument tracks such as Trumpet, Horn Etc. So have I routed things incorrectly? Do I need to give each instrument its own Bus?
Thanks Jeff

what version of cubase you have ?

I have version 7.0.7.

Would that be Cubase Artist or Elements perhaps?

If so, I think you may need a bit of third party software called MEAP to get the job done.

If you follow instructions carefully it works well.

And it’s cheap.

It’s Cubase 7.
Is there no other option? This seems unfortunate that this feature does not exist.
But thanks for the tip about Meap.

It seems as though it only works with Windows. Im on a Mac

If it´s Cubase 7 (full version) you have it it´s been in Cubase since Cubase 6, and win or mac have the same feature !

Maybe explain more precisely what your tracks are and which are missing from the batch export…maybe post a screencap of your batch export window.

I’m sorry, you mention “its been in Cubase”? What is it you are talking about? Meap? or Batch Export?

I have Batch Export.

HI Grim, I’ve uploaded 2 screenshots. As you can see from the picture of the export audio window, there no instruments listed on the left side panel. I thought that the individual instruments were listed there.

Anyway, maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Thanks for your help.
Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.15.58 PM.png
Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 12.13.58 PM.png

I see that you are using mainly MIDI tracks. These won’t show up in the Batch Export, since only audio based tracks can be exported. Your MIDI tracks must be “driving” some kind of audio generator. Either an external synth or a VSTi plug-in in the VST Instruments rack. I see that you have one entry in the “VST Instrument Channels” called “1”. This is what you export. It’s the output of your VSTi.

How do have your routing set up? It looks like you are sending all MIDI tracks to the same VSTi and then receiving the audio on the same (master) output. If you want to work this way you must a) use a multitimbral VSTi with separate audio output. b) set up Cubase so that the individual sounds (instruments) are being received on the MixConsol as discrete channels. This can be a bit tricky to set up.

An easier option would be to use Instrument Tracks, instead of MIDI Tracks. These will then show up as separate entries under “Instrument Tracks” under “Channel Batch Export”. Just make sure that “Channel Batch Export” is ticked, select the ones you want to export, check the other settings and click on export.

Extremely Important
What you want to make is sometimes called “Stems”. One mistake that many (even seasoned professionals) do is that they only export the part of the audio channel that is actually playing. This means a lot of work for your engineer to line up everything. Which in turn may prove very expensive for you. Someone has to pay for all that wasted time, one way or another.

Export the complete track. Even if it only contains a something that sounds at the very end. That way the engineer can insert all the audio-files to start at the beginning of the song on any DAW and everything will line up perfectly in sync.

Yes use instrument teack instead of midi track

Ok guys thanks for that information. I’m beginning to get it. I will begin to change all to instrument tracks.

Regarding the exporting , I do drag all midi events to the beginning of the project, even if there is nothing on the track until the end. That seems to line everything up correctly.

Thanks to all of you guys for the help!!!

No you drag the MIDI parts to the same start positions as they were on the MIDI track. When you export the Instrument track, always set the left locator to zero. Even if there is nothing happening on the MIDI track until the very end. So that the audio file consists of merely silence.

Of cause, if you do a Batch Export of all the tracks simultaneously, they will all get the same starting time. It’s still a good time to always export stems with the left locator set to zero. Perhaps you add a track later and want to only export this. Then you don’t have to remember where the left locator was set. It’s always to zero!

Ok guys thanks for that information. I’m beginning to get it. I will begin to change all to instrument tracks.

Bit late back to the party but just to add that you don’t necessarily need to use multiple instrument tracks.
If your vsti allows it, another option is to assign multiple outs to your existing instrument and assign each sound to it’s own output which will then appear in the batch export options.

Hi. I mainly use Omnisphere and EAST/WEST instruments.
I’ll have to spend some time working out a new way of going about setting things up.
I hope it does take too long to rework existing projects.

Many thanks for all the help guys!