Export Selection issue

I’m trying to use the export selection function. Even when setting it to ‘As Separate Events’, any adjacent clips are exported as one file. (and Mix To One Audio File is off too)

I need to move the clips apart a bit for them to export separately.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Here is a screenshot. This should create a file for every clip right? You can see I’ve cut it at every beat.

It’'s a bit of a long shot but you might have discovered a bug.
Change the setting “Property → Tail Mode” to “Off”. Kindly check if it works then.

Nice, thanks for that. I guess that is a bug, ya… but for my purposes, Tail OFF is a great workaround.

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I am going to tag @Louis_R as he likes to look into things like this :grinning:

Louis: I suspect the combination of a tail mode other than “off” and a tail duration setting of 0 gets the render routine confused.

I tried it on my machine and while I did not end up with one file I had 4 files where it should have been 6 with my example case.
The bit resolution had no effect.
I only checked with File → Export → Selected Events, not with Render-in-Place.

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If that helped indeed then kindly add the tag “issue” to your thread title. This will mark this thread as containing, well, an issue.

Hi there, it’s been a while!
Yup, I have just reproduced that. When Tail Mode is set to something other than Off but the value is still set to 0, it seems to detect adjacent Events as an overlap (continuous waveform) and renders as a single file.
I have tested by nudging the second Event by 1 sample and it fixes it.

However, it works properly with Render-in-Place.
The issue is only with Export Selected Events.

And since it works fine with Render-in-Place, and because there is absolutely no reason for it to behave differently with Export Selected Event, this is definitely a bug and I will add it to the list.

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