Expression map articulation still held after part ends

I noticed this issue, I hope it’s not just settings issue (on my part).
When a simple midi part with expression ends the articulation continues to be held down. See the screenshot
I should clarify this is during playback. IF I press stop playback the articulation is lifted as expected.
This issue seems to then (at times) mess up the start of other notes or require the use of additional expression ‘dummy’ notes to work around.

Additionally, with this same expression map, when I press stop a different keyswitch is held down. I don’t know why.
screenshot while stopped

expression map



This is in Cubase since ever. “Expression Off” doesn’t mean it would switch to other Expression. To switch to other expression, you have to choose the new one.

HI Martin, but how does one then play no articulation? Expression’s need to be lifted after midi part ends, you there are dozens of reports about random changes, and I think this is the main culprit.
ALthough I am new to EM, I can’t fathom why they would want these notes to hang, it seems reverse logic?

Did you test this? Anyone know whey I get midi data when I stop after playing this?


In this thread

Vic_France mentions here

Depends where you stop > :wink:> … for “direction type”, it should hold the last articulation until the end of the MIDI Part

What we have is it’s being held after the end of the midi part.

In this video I show two simple midi tracks example where articulation is held by previous part, overiding the next midi part.

I used the ‘blank slot’ method this time to try and make sure all articulation data is lifted for current playing part.



What does it mean “no articulation”, please? How do you want to play “no articulation” on a real instrument? What is playing then?

A blank slot is kind of workaround (which I don’t understand but some users are using).

Hi Martin,
no articulation = no articulation data is sent (key notes off)
No offense, if you don’t know what blank slot is? Test my repro. Or google why does cubase revert top expression map on stop - Google Search
Start project at start of midi parts, stop playback midway. When stopped, midi data is sent continuously (while no playback) to the note which is at the top of the Expression Maps. It’s been around forever.


MIDI data is sent only at the moment of sending the articulation change. Not after.

What should be sent, if the articulation is not driven by Note On, but by MIDI CC?