Expression map items that aren't articulations?

I’m trying to make an expression map for VSL Vibraphone. There are several things that are not articulations such as “motor on”, “motor off”, mallet types, etc. How can I properly handle this in expression map so that I can see those things in the articulations/dynamics lane?

Also, how do I determine which articulations get “stuck” to a note so that deleting the articulation deletes the note (like with staccato notes) and articulations that don’t stick like legato?

Screen Shot 2022-11-06 at 9.09.33 PM

Ok, I answered my second question. In the articulations panel type “direction” doesn’t stick and type “attribute” is note specific and sticks to a note.


Make a Group 2 for the Motor On/Off, so you can set it up independently on the other articulation.

You might find this useful

Cool! Will definitely check it out!

that should be a sticky on this forum