Expression Map Overhaul

Often times I need to transpose key switches out of the conflicting range to an higher or lower octave. The VSL Vienna Instruments player has the ability to transpose all key switches by a simple click and drag. This would be great in the Expression Map setup. There is this sort of but it only works for one note at a time. To have a keyboard as part of the UI and simply drag the key switches up or down would be a lot quicker than typing in every key switch.

Expression Map New Features:

1 Add Slots dialogue:
Choose number of Slots, Set Output Mapping and select which rows will auto increment. Option to Keep
Dialogue Open.
2 Duplicate Slots.
3 Dedicated zone for displaying and choosing articulations.
4 Store user custom articulations and Slot names and display them in dedicated zone.
5 Slot names and Articulations can be dragged from dedicated zone onto a Slot.
6 Set Remote Keys independently for single or multiple selected slots.
7 Articulation description follows Slot name. (Optional)
8 Articulation selection follows Slot selection.
9 Add Slots anywhere on the list.
10 Tabs Column to organise Slots into groups for use in Key Editor.
11 Bold font for Maps being used in current project.
12 Re-order list without affecting current Map assignments.
13 Prompt before deleting Map that is being used in current project.
14 Automatable Pitch offset on each Slot for humanisation.
15 Automatable Delay offset for each Slot for humanisation.
16 Factory and User Articulation and Slot Name Presets can be used more than once and gain a numerical appendage.
17 Transport no longer affects which Slot is selected.

Expression Map setup UI enhancements:

1 Remote Keys and output mapping assignments are visually indicated and changeable on a colour coded keyboard. See VI Pro.
2 Output mapping zone is bigger.
3 Slots window and Arts. window are side by side and scroll together.
4 + and - buttons are bigger.
5 Expression Map setup is accessed by tab in the Inspector (left zone).
6 Slot list is longer in the Inspector.

Here’s another good thread with some ideas.

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I would add Inspector tab needs to be re-sizable and allow us to click on articulation to select.

We also need the articulations to stop resetting midi channel on stop.

And last but not least, add port switching to the expression maps so we can use up to 256 articulations per track using VEPro. I can do it in Reaticulate in REAPER. A one man operation did better than Steinberg in this department. Currently, if I want 17 articulations of an instrument, I need to add a midi track and use 2 tracks.


Also a way to enter each articulation dispatched on column 1, 2, 3, 4 and then combine them without having to remake a line for each combination!

(J Buckingham app can be great for this, thanks for sharing, but when you’re not a ease with this kind of computer thing… it would be great if incorporated into Cubase! beside it would make it much more readable)

How about Drag and Drop Functionality via mouse for easy customization ?