Expression Map with negative track delay for Keyswitches

Hello everyone, I think that this request should be interesting for all composers who are using huge templates.
Most of the composers who are working with libraries from Spitfire, Audio Imperia, Cinesamples etc. are using one midi or instrument track per articulation, because the samples need a negative track delay which can be very different even within long and short articulations.
This results in very huge templates with lots of tracks and using keyswitches might be helpful. The problem is that they rely only on the one track delay that is set up in the midi/instrumental track. That means, if you have legato and staccato as a keyswitch patch, the staccato will be out of time f.e. because those samples have a starting point which is a few milliseconds earlier.

If there was a function to set up different negative track delays for each articulation within a keyswitch patch would be an absolute game changer for many composers.

Would that be technically possible?

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Please check this topic:

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