Expression Maps not imported with Import Tracks from Project

With the Import > Tracks from Project feature, all other Channel and Inspector Settings (which I have checked in the import dialog) appear to be imported correctly, except for Expression Map assignments.

For large orchestral templates, having to manually re-assign every track’s expression map is extremely tedious. I think this issue is very easy to reproduce, but please let me know if I can help diagnose in any way. I would love to see this addressed, and I know it would enable much more practical orchestral template building for many composers.

Wondering if the issue here is that there is a project-level list of loaded expression maps and the Inspector Settings are just a reference into that list? Meaning this import tracks feature would need to be extended to first add (or match, if there is already map of the same name with identical configuration) any missing expression maps?


This is missing since the very beginning of the Import from Project. The Expression Maps are part of the project, so I would expect, technically it shouldn’t be a problem to be able to import them from the project.

One interesting note – if you manually load all of the used expression maps into the destination project before performing the Import Tracks from Project, then the imported tracks do get assigned to the correct expression maps.

This is still tedious because you have to individually load all of the relevant expression map files and keep track of them yourself somewhere.

But it reinforces my theory that the inspector settings are being copied with the Import Tracks feature, but it just hasn’t been extended to also import any expression maps that aren’t already loaded into the destination project.


It works for me here. It was a bug in Cubase 10.5.0, but it has been fixed for Cubase 10.5.10. Does your project come from Cubase 10.5.10+, please?

Also make sure the Expression map file is not read only, please.

This probably only make sense for folks that use a small to mid-sized number of Expression Maps and not folks with hundreds of them. I recently modified my main Templates and loaded all of the Expression Maps that I regularly/frequently use (a couple dozen-ish) even though most of them didn’t have their corresponding VSTi in the Template. That way when I load or import an Instrument, most of the time the Expression Map is already there. I’ve found that the 80/20 rule tends to apply for my use of Expression Maps - 80% of my Map use is preformed by 20% of the Maps I have. And it is really nice to just select the Map in the Inspector and not need to open the Expression Map Editor.


Rodger, can you reproduce the bug, please? I can’t it works for me as expected here.

No I can’t reproduce it either.

I created a test source starting with a blank Project and adding 3 Instrument Tracks - one with Kontakt, another with EW Play & a third with the ARIA Player. Then I assigned appropriate Expression Maps to each Track before saving and closing.

Then I created a second blank Project and imported all three Tracks from the first Project. Every Imported Track’s Expression map came over just fine.

Before I created the test Projects I tried Importing from some older Projects and in some cases did not get the Maps. But it turned out those were all situations where the Instrument Tracks had been disabled after rendering to audio. So Importing a disable Track does not bring the map with it. But other than that the Maps Imported along with the Tracks.

File permissions?

@Martin.Jirsak and @raino see: 10.5 Expression Maps no longer retained - #15 by lokotus

I wonder if your expression maps are getting preserved because you have your instrument tracks outside of any folders.

It sounds like the issue might only manifest if your tracks are inside folders. I’m still running into this exact problem myself, and of course have all my tracks nested (several levels in most cases) in folders.

is there an issue number of the bug that expression maps are not preserved when tracks are inside a folder ? (import session data and xml export looses expression maps when the tracks are inside folders…)

is there an issue can number of the bug that expression maps are not preserved when tracks are inside a folder ? (import session data and xml export looses expression maps when the tracks are inside folders…) cubase 11 on win10…

Having exactly the same issue,
Tons of tracks from templates, all the expression maps are gone.
Please fix!

I can indeed confirm, as @tpoots mentioned, removing the folders makes it work :expressionless:
The little amount of care on some features is simply sad.

I have loads of tracks and expressions maps, I can’t just import one by one again, such a waste of time!
There is no bulk import either, as always, all the features half implemented, cutting corners everywhere :frowning:

The projects were saved with Cubase 11 from scratch, spent quite a few days re-doing my templates just to find out things are not working.