Expression maps (ppp fff)


I would like to use the expression map to change the value of midi cc 1 (modwheel) when I write ppp or fff on a legato patch.

But it doesn’t matter. I don’t know the manipulation is correct.

Thank you for your help.

what you did now could already not work, cause u didn’t change ‘dynamique de note’ to ‘control change’…anyway…much easier: if you route all your playing techniques to ‘dynamique de volume’ -> ‘control change’ 11 - all dynamics are played back automatically cause the dynamic signs in Dorico react on CC 11.

Just to clarify: If you want to use the cc 1 for dynamics, you should not create separate techniques for each dynamic level. The right way to go is simply to check the “Control Change” option in the “Dynamique de volume” section (French version) and change the value in the box to 1.

I come from Sibelius and it was much more complicated to change the values.

It was necessary to write text like ~C1,127 for example.

I’ve been looking for too complicated. In the end it’s very simple

I love Dorico more and more.

Thank you for your help.

Tell me about it! :confused: I’m also a former Sibelius user. Until I heard about Dorico, I didn’t fully realize how clumsy it was in many aspects. Now, the only times I use Sibelius is if I receive a .sib file from someone else, and barely then. :stuck_out_tongue: Dorico rules! :smiling_imp:

We really need both functionalities. In Dorico it is impossible to do step-wise CC values (like the ~C scheme in Sib), which some libraries need (To control something like vibrato or divisi).

You can do that with playing techniques and expression maps.

But I agree you should be able to “draw” steps in CC values in the play mode window as well, if you need do.

Yes, having external faders and just record the CC values into Dorico - without having to draw them - would be fantastic…(that’s one a the few things which is easier/possible in Sibelius :wink: )

You can do this simply by recording them from your keyboard or control surface.

Really? I think I almost watched every tutorial and couldn’t find it. I have to check it out tomorrow immediately. That would be sooooo great ! Just bought me some Palette Gear ! :smiley:

and I read this topic - so I was so convinced that it’s not possible yet:

Dear Peer,
As far as I know, Dr Paul Walmsley is THE man in charge with MIDI and audio implementation in Dorico (and has been formerly for Sibelius) so I guess he’s probably the best informed man on this in the world. I’d rather trust him on topics such as this one :wink:

Oh, I trust him more than anybody else :smiley:
I just tried to explain why I was so astonished that it is possible, cause I tried to find articles about it on the forum and I also watched the midi-implementation videos and it was mentioned nowhere or it was mentioned that it was not possible like 6 months ago…
I should better have just tried it…I’ll have some time tonight and I’m curious - also if I can record my Spitfire expression and vibrato simoultanisously :wink:
All the best…

Well, Dorico isn’t quite like other software, where you wait 18 months for an update and the most significant thing when it finally arrives is that the version number has changed :slight_smile:

I guess there is no obvious solution to old threads on the forum (or old tutorial videos) containing out of date information - except look at the date when stuff was created, and check for yourself.

18 months or never. Before I switched to Dorico, I wanted to make a midi-controller-implementation with Sibelius. They offered o.a. a UCC33 implementation. A UC33 isn’t sold since a couple of years anymore :smiley: and I had to write my implementation for Sibelius by myself. So far about waiting for updates for 18 months or the rest of your life.

Just checked with my new PaletteGear: works brilliantly - records all dynamics, vibratos, expressions of my Spitfire strings - single CC tracks or simultaneously…yeeeaaahhh :smiley: