Expression mode like in Halion Symphonic Orchestra

Hi! Has anyone an idea, how this expression mode like in Halion Symphonic Orchestra could be build with different layers in VSTL?

I would prefer the first one, but the second mode, would also be ok

I tried it that way. I have 4 Layers (2-5)

Idea behind it was. Depending on the position of the mod-wheel.
Layer 2 should play everytime.
Layer 3-5 should be added (unmuted) when the corresponding mod-wheel treshold has reached. And of course also back, get muted depending on treshold again.

But this did not work.

This won’t work, sorry.

We are working on transforming input events for actions, such as range to range, invert, and inside/outside toggle which is what should fit your attempt.

Thanks. You do a great job :slight_smile:

More to come! pls see