Extended and more consistent tabbing behavior please

Alright, I confess, I am a TAB addict. I TAB as much as I possibly can, text fields, dropdown lists, checkboxes, window focus, I even sometimes miss having a TAB button on my coffee machine.

But not as much as I miss being able to use it for more things inside Cubase.

Open the project settings for instance, only three measly fields can be accessed by tabbing, EVERY field should be accessible by tabbing. Values in dropdown lists should be selectable by pressing the first number/s or letter/s of the desired one. Checkboxes selectable with the spacebar. Same for the export dialog. and probably every other dialog where tabbing would be meaningful. (except the preferences, it has the old look and works much better)

The highlighting of tabbed values is also erratic, open the Metronome Setup for instance and click the “Click Sounds” tab a few times, there are four different tab targets, two of them look like the tab itself, but are actually “ghost” value fields that seem to do nothing until you press enter, then you discover that they are the MIDI Output Channel and the Audio Click Level. The other two are the OK and Cancel buttons, the highlighting is barely visible on those. At least with the default color scheme, I haven’t mucked about much.

Please consider giving some polish to this in the future, if not to satisfy my cravings, then at least to make it a little less random and ugly.

(Only tested on Windows)

Best regards

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I agree with all you’ve said (and wish for…)

Here is another thread along similar lines:-

Hard to know what’s happening inside SB HQ of late. I mean, for example, the entire ability to TAB around in the Export Audio Mixdown window, is absent. And its roughly been like this, since Nov 2018 when Cubase 10 launched…! 18 months on and 9 (NINE.!) releases later and we’re still here…


PS:- in my opinion, this is actually ‘broken behaviour’ (from all previous releases). It shouldn’t require a Feature Request; it should be logged in the Issues pages.

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as soon as I upgraded to CB 10 I noticed the Export window missing tab feature. I have a script that runs through Bome Midi translator via Lemur on my Ipad that hit tab 27 times after editing the file name field to hit the Enter key on the Export button. Since then, my workflow has been slowed down while exporting multiple regions of sound effects. Also the file name used to be automatically selected when the Export window opened. Their removal of Tab navigation has seriously hampered my macros!!

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