Extensions for Dorico (like Sibelius)


Are there extensions (e.g. simple harmonization, crayfish inversion, simplification, etc.) for Dorico, as in Sibelius, especially as an aid to composition?

No, there’s no plug-in architecture. Composing utilities are anticipated in Dorico 4, though.

Thank you. Hope.

There briefly was a bit of a preview of these in the iPad version, so definitely planned for the next version.

Hello Fred. Good news. And version 4 is for when?

I believe Daniel has said it’s expected by the end of the year, but no time frame other than that.

Eventually, I believe the team is going to implement scripting with Lua, somewhat like Sibelius’s ManuScript language. If you search the forum for Lua you can find more information. I haven’t heard anything about scripting being ready for Dorico 4, though.

Lua is already there in the Scripting menu, they just haven’t had stick time to document or really get it ironed out. My experiments show you can do quite a bit, it appears they hooked into it high in the stack so it’s kind of a universal access.

As FredGunn said there’s some utilities coming, but AFAIK there hasn’t been mention of a more complete feature set.