External instruments "forget" their assigned connections if audio-interface is disconnected

I’m using two RME Firefaces in my setup with a lot of external instruments connected to them which work absolutely fine. Here’s the problem: if one of these interfaces is switched off or disconnected for whatever reason, Cubase forgets all of the input assignments made for the devices connected to that interface. Even when I switch the interface back on, restart Cubase (or the PC) - the settings are gone and I have to reassign all of the inputs.
Is there any way to save the external instrument setup and recall it if the situation I described above happens?
Thanks in advance!


For Cubase, it’s just an Audio Port on the Audio Device, Cubase doesn’t know, what is connected to the input, or if the device is switched On or Off. I can imagine, Cubase would use the MIDI connection (if the device is connected via USB), but not the Audio.

Could you please attach these screenshots:

  • The device is connected and switched On and it looks as expected and another screenshot.
  • The device is switched Off.
  • The device is switched On again and reconnected.

Check out the Korg Modwave which is connected to the second Fireface. This is how it should be.

Here you can see the same situation with the second Fireface being switched off and it’s the same situation when the device is switched on again (and Cubase or PC restarted). I have to manually reassign the connection so that Cubase will remember it.


I see. Sorry, I didn’t read your original post correctly. Now I understand it.

So the RME specific feature of merging multiple RME devices is involved. The question is, if Cubase recognises the 2nd device always as the same device.

I suspect that Cubase only sees an ASIO driver/device which either has x inputs (when both interfaces are connected) or y inputs (when only one interface is connected). But it puzzles me why Cubase doesn’t even try to find the missing input when the interface is back again (works fine with multiple MIDI-interfaces).

Hi @Martin.Jirsak , there was recently a thread in the German forum about a similar problem.
Audioverbindungen bei Gerätewechsel weg? - Auf Deutsch / Cubase - Steinberg Forums

I made a test:

Set up an external instrument (first set up as a MIDI device, then set up the audio connections).

Then Cubase closed and opened again - initially without a project.
As usual, the input and output connections only show one stereo channel each, but the external instrument is there, as in the picture above.

Then I switched off the interface and restarted Cubase. The “Audio driver settings” window appears.
After switching on the interface and without loading a project, the external instrument is still available in my audio settings, but without a connection to the audio interface:

The audio inputs are also not connected, while the audio outputs have not lost the connection.

When I then open a project template, all input and output connections are there again, as they were saved. On the external instruments, however, the device ports are not connected and I have to set them up again manually.

You can find the corresponding screenshots in the thread mentioned above.


Hey @P.A.T , danke dir für den Hinweis, das schaue ich mir an.

I’m just guessing here (will test this ASAP) but a solution might be to set everything up correctly, close Cubase and then backup the “External Plugins.xml” file. And if I accidentally mess things up by disconnecting an interface, I can close Cubase restore the External Plugins.xml and then hopefully everything should be back to normal.


I have the same problem with my MOTU, I have many synths and devices connected to both analog and digital ins/outs and when this happens it’s a nightmare.

@ColdSteel where exactly did you find the external plugins XML file? It’s a shame we have to manually backup files, it feels like dealing with software from the 90s.

on Windows you can find this file in User/Username/AppData/Roaming/Steinberg/Cubase11_64
On MacOS the location should be similar somewhere within the preferences.


On Mac the path is:
Mac: ~/Library/Preferences/Cubase X
Win: %appData% Steinberg/Cubase X_64

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Thank you! This is finally a solution to a very annoying problem I keep having, too.
Hey Steinberg, why is it just not possible to save and recall ALL In and Out settings? (Including External Instruments/FX)
I use a notebook and it should be possible to start Cubase on the go without everything being messed up, when back in the studio. At least, let us recall the settings!

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