Extract CC automation + edit = jumps, not ramps

I start with my CC 2 (breath) and extract the automation:

Then when I do any edit at all in the automation lane, all my connections between automation points are jumps, not ramps (lines):

How do I get ramps/lines instead? (I can live without Bezier, etc. Jumps, however are a problem.)

You have to switch from Steps to points, in some cases only step will work. depends to the parameter you want to edit! (on/off switches for example can´t do curves :wink: )

in Menu from Step (orange Schritt) to curve, select the points of the automation and change the value in Menuslot)

It’s not the case, here : I get this, after extracting automation, and using a modulation pedal on a short MIDI take :

Maybe check the automation drawing mode in the arrange page toolbar or your automation panel settings ([F6]).

What ‘automation drawing mode’ do I want in the Automation Panel? (None jump out and say ‘change me’ to me…)

hmm… :man_shrugging:

I’m hoping there’s some setting where my continuous CCs (like 2 and 11) are default connect by ramps, not jumps, without me having to select them somewhere and manually edit that property. Seems like that’s what folks would normally want!

Actually, I don’t see anything related to a drawing mode in the automation panel and yes, trying to edit some of the automation points can lead to rather strange results…

But you can try to activate the Automation Event Editor (hope that it is available on your Cubase version - it is in the ‘Pro’ one, at least) which should work with any “ramp” curves, such as your breath controller : it is available after doing a range selection on your automation track and allows several operations without altering the rest of the automation track.

This is what’s happening:

  1. view my CC’s (BEFORE doing MIDI Extract): down in the Key Editor in the appropriate Controller lane.
  2. select all the CC events in said Controller Lane,
  3. one of my options in the parameter bar at the top is Curve Type: Ramp/Curve or Step. Mine were set to Step, and apparently that parameter persists into the Automation lane after you do Midi Extract.

If I set the controller lane to Ramp/Curve, MIDI Extract works as expected – the automation points in the new automation lane are connected by ramps, not jumps.

Now to see if there’s a setting to have these default to Ramp/Curve henceforth.

Apparently, this is an ongoing festering problem (now that I know which keywords to search for).

For example:

And here:

It’s worse than I thought. Down in the key editor there’s a down arrow where you can specify “Type of New Controller Events:” Ramp or Step. But it doesn’t matter if you select ‘Ramp’ – record more of the same CC on the same track/lane and they are still Step.

This is really annoying. I do orchestral scores with maybe a half-dozen controllers per track, times 20 instruments minimum, and having to set CCs to ‘ramp’ every time I do a take is mind-bending. Back to drawing automation manually.

In an automation lane, there does not appear to be a way to change it from Step to Ramp (I’m talking about continuous controllers like 11).