Extract Stems from audio?

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I was looking at unmix software like ‘Hit’n’mix RipX DAW’, and ‘FL Studio’. These software’s are able to take an Mp3 audio file of a complete song that contains vocals and multiple instruments, and can literally unmix the single audio file into individual ‘Stems’ for each component instrument/voice, does Cubase Pro 13 have such a feature, or is there one in the making?

Spectralayers does this

Spectralayers 11

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This is the light version that comes with Cubase
see forum link

Is free spectralayers with cubase 12 pro?

Big thanks Freudon.

‘Spectralayers’ One is included with my Cubase Pro 13, but I can see that the tools i need are only in Spectralayers Pro.

I was trying to find the upgrade pricing from Spectralayers one to Spectralayers Pro, but i couldn’t find it from from that edition?

Perhaps throughout the year there might be a Spectralayers upgrade sale?

There isn’t one as you got that free. There are quite a few web based tools that will do this to various degrees. I use spectral layers but it may be overkill if that is all you want to do.

I got hold of a copy of Simple Stems - Simple Stems - Stagecraft Software

Exellent straightforward bit of software. I also have Hit’n’Mix which is more feature-rich but a bit overkill for my needs. Look around for pricing discounts.

Thanks Manassas77

Big thanks, ‘Simple Stems’ might be enough for me.

I noticed Hit’n’mix has two editions, the Pro, and a regular edition. Unfortunately the trial they offer only gives the Pro edition, so i can’t trial the regular edition, so i cannot tell if the regular edition is sufficient for my needs?

There’s also the free Ultimate Vocal Remover which provides several stem separation algorithms. It might be worth having a look at it too.

I believe Steinberg is having a sale on Spectral Layers at this moment. I upgraded SL a couple of weeks ago

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Thanks Stephen, yes your right, - blast! - i missed out there - 40% off - the offer ended Thursday June 13, 2024.

I think most of these applications depend on how ‘good’ the original source files are. I have some old (as in 1982!) tapes that I’m trying to separate but they were 2-track stereo from 4-track recordings so the original separation isn’t great, and I can’t get them to successfully unmix.

I tried the trial of Simple Stems on Bruno Mars’ 24K Magic (which I often use as a reference track when mixing) and the results were stunning - probably the best I’ve come across having tried lots of these apps over the years.

The Hit’n’Mix DAW can separate individual drum sounds from a loop, which is pretty cool, but it all depends how much time and effort you want to put into something like that when there are so many sample packs available to get pretty close to emulating the original sounds anyway.

Yes, that’s what a lot of the research has said, ’ a clear uncomplicated’ source file is the best.

Amazing technically though, ‘unmixing’. I had a set of Techniques 1210 vinyl decks about 30 years ago, scratching was a great effect then, and a spin back, but now, so much has evolved, imagine the tech in a 1000 years time.
As for me, I’ve now gone Gospel Country Soul, Jazz n Blues Folk, and just looking to create some music minus-1 tracks to add my own piano performance and sing.

Cheers for the advice. I’m going to hold out for a Spectrlayers discount sale.