Extremely high energy usage. Dorico 3

Hi, just tested Dorico 3. Amazing improvements, I am very happy with all these new ideas and improvements. Any way fans of MacBook Pro getting crazy in less than a half a minute while playing any score. Energy usage in Dorico 3 is extremely high! It never had this issue using Dorico 1 or 2. Does any body has this issue as well? Is there a way to solve it?

MacBook Pro 2017, macOS 10.14.6, 16 GB RAM, 3,1 Ghz Intel Core i7

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Even 146 % from 100%…Hm…

The 100% figure is per core. So a 4-core i7 can use up to 800%.

Your usage seems a bit high. Perhaps restart?

I’m getting perfectly normal figures with Dorico 3 here, and this machine is only dual-core.

Restart unfortunately doesn’t help. I reinstalled Dorico 3 Pro Sounds…It doesn’t help as well. VST Audio Engine uses something like 30-40 % while playing a simple 2-3 instruments score. But Dorico 3 Pro uses 104-146 % in addition. It’s really a lot. Setting a new score doesn’t help as well - the same performance issue.

Still trying to find a solution. Dorico 2 app plays the same scores with approx. 10% of energy usage. Is there a technical way to found out what could cause such a difference?

Still trying to find a solution. Dorico 2 app plays the same scores with approx. 10% of energy usage. Is there a technical way to found out what could cause such a difference?

Yes, there is a way to find out. In the Activity Monitor (Aktivitaetsanzeige) highlight Dorico when it is heavily busy, then, at the top of the window is that little cog wheel icon. Click on that and a popup menu appears. I don’t know the menu names in German, but in English one entry is ‘Create Spindump’. Click that, after a few seconds a new window opens with a lot of cryptic text. Save the output of that window and post here or send to ‘u dot stoermer at steinberg dot de’. Thanks

Dear Ulf, thank you very much for your quick response. I have send an email with date you requested.

Thanks, we will take a look tomorrow at the office.

Hello and a good evening,

I have the same Problem with a new MacBook Pro i7.


What audio engine buffer size do you have? If you have a small buffer size (eg below 512 samples) then this requires higher CPU usage. If you’re not doing real time recording then you can increase the size.

Dear Paul, a buffer size was set by default to 256. I increased it till 512 as you supposed. Dorico energy usage is still over 100 while playing back.

There is a screenshot how an activity monitor looks like even with a 1028 setting while Dorico playing back. Unfortunately it is not a solution.

We had several reports on this and it looks like the video engine of Dorico is eating up way too much cpu time. We are still under investigation, but for affected users a temporary workaround could be - at your own risk - throw out the video engine from Dorico’s component folder. But as said, do at your own risk and also make a backup copy of the Dorico app beforehand.

And yes, the video engine might even go berserk with projects that don’t even have video attached to. We will get to the bottom of this.

Just to let you know. Laptop Windows 10 i7 uses also quite more energy then Dorico 2. Everything works fine only the fan makes more noise now.

That’s the only thing, rest of update is GREAT!


Ulf - I want to let you know my findings. I’m running under Windows 10 (Intel i7-8700 3.20 GHz, 32 gig memory).

Playing a score (no videos!) under Dorico Pro 2 uses about 8-9% CPU. Playing the same score under Dorico 3 uses about 18-20% Cpu.

Deleting videoengine.dll reduces Dorico 3 to 8-9% Cpu.

So, I think you are on the right track.

BTW, GREAT work with Dorico 3!!! I was a software engineer for 40 years, and I know great software when I see it!

Tom Kearney

I compared the same score played back by Dorico 2 and 3 after I deleted a video engine. Digits are quite similar, any way Tom, both Dorico 2 and 3 on a Mac show 17-26% of CPU usage (Plus 50-55% VST Audio Engine)…At least double rate comparing to Windows…

MacBook Pro 2017, 3,1 GHz Intel Core i7

I also have this problem. If I leave the computer with Dorico Pro 3 open for a while, when I come back after say 15 minutes or so, the fans are always running at high speed, before the computer goes to sleep… Indeed I would say that there is some energy efficiency issue with the software.

I’m using a Macbook Pro late 2013, Quad Core i7 2.3 GHz. 16 GB RAM.

I seem to have this problem only on playback. I’ve only experienced it with NotePerformer, but have not done extensive tests with other playback devices.