Extremely long Cubase loading times

I installed the Cubase 12 demo and whenever I launch it, I thought it wouldnt load at all.
Today I let it load for a very long time and as it turns out, it works but it just needs 60 minutes to open up…
The steps that take very very long are “Initialising vstconnect.dll” and “VST Connect.vst3” (not sure about the exact name on the second one, Im not gonna wait 20 more minutes to see that again).
Is there something I can do that avoids removing all my vst2 and vst3 plugins?
If I remember correctly there also is a popup somewhere in middle telling me POS crashed.

I already tried reinstalling ALL the Steinberg products, including download and activation manager etc.
Help would be really appreciated since Im a plugin developer and I have to test a bug reported by some of my customers.

EDIT: I was so desperate that I did it again, here is the error

there’s another thread that might be related?

kind of, I managed to disable all the vst connect stuff without opening Cubase again by removing

  • CUBASEINSTALLDIR/vstconnect.dll
  • CUBASEINSTALLDIR/Components/vstconnect.dll

Cubase Pro 12 (12.0.60) is still taking forever to start. Same as the last version.

This doesn’t happen every time, mostly on the first startup of the day.

Shows as “Scanning VST3 Plug-ins…” on splash screen, Task Manager shows "Checking Licenses… " as “Not Responding”

This time, it took 7 minutes to startup - while I was typing this.

I see many other posts/complaints about this unacceptable issue, and I would expect a FIX for this ASAP. As in - BEFORE the paid for version 13 comes out.

From version Pro 9 through to Pro 12 (before the last 2 updates), I have NEVER had this issue. No other DAW I have (4), or audio software with VST scanners does this.


Ooof! That is definitely not normal. I think my machine takes <30s (I’ll time it out of curiosity now) to start Cubase and I have about one million plugins installed.
Sorry no one was able to find a resolve for you and I’m assuming the trial period is now expired.

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My startup of Cubase Pro 12.0.60 after updating some plugins is less than 30s and when no plugins were updated it takes under 15 seconds to get to the project file selection dialog.

I have solved the issue of my Cubase 12 Pro extremely long/not responding startup (for me anyway).

I use Bitdefender Total Security and had not had any problems with 11.5 Pro loading and starting (with Bitdefender).

Anyhow, the issue started after my first update for Cubase 12. 12 was initially starting up fine for me - for a short time after upgrading from 11.5.

I had noticed high power/7% CPU usage by Bitdefender during any first startup of Cubase 12 (after booting/rebooting my PC).

That is what seemed weird: I could shut down Cubase after it finally got loaded (average of 7+ minutes), and then it would startup quick.

Reboot the PC, and it was back to the 7-minute wait to open Cubase 12 again.

So, I contacted Bitdefender support, gave them screenshots and a rundown of the situation. Sent them logs (recording the issue as it happens with the built-in support tool).

They had suggested to add Cubase 12 (cubase12.exe) to the exceptions, and I had already tried - that didn’t work.

This time around, I added these: cubase12.exe, elicensercore.dll, vstscanner.exe, vst2scanner.exe, and vstsannermaster.exe to the exceptions. And now it starts up and loads AS IT SHOULD!!!

In the “Manage Exceptions” part of Bitdefender, I checked “Antivirus” and “Advanced Threat Defense”, NOT “Online Threat Prevention”

No more 7% CPU usage by Bitdefender, no “not responding” messages from Cubase 12, and a quick scan/load/startup!