Fabfilter ProQ2 settings don't save in WL 9.0.15

Hey there

I’m having some crashes and issues with Wavelab9

These plugins don’t work (So far): Decapitator, Ian Shepherds “Perception”

But most frustratingly, when i use Fab filter pro Q 2, and save the montage, when i reopen the montage the Pro-Q 2 has reset and the EQ settings haven’t saved, losing all the EQ decisions

Does anyone share this problem and know of any solutions?

I don’t think I’ve seen this in WL 9 + the latest update to ProQ. I did have problems in WL 8.5. I haven’t used the WL preset system for individual FF plugs, I save the preset from within FF. But saving/recalling a plug-in chain in the Montage FX window has been OK. I haven’t done much with the Master Section in WL9, as I don’t use it as regularly.

I can’t reproduce the FabFilter issue on OS X using 9.0.15 and version 2.05 of Pro-Q 2

Where are you inserting the plugin? Clip, track, or montage output effects? I didn’t test the global master section but the other 3 insert points are saving on my end.

Decapitator ver seems to be saving as well.

I don’t have the Ian Shepard plugin.

This is in 64-bit OS X 10.11.3

No problems here with Pro Q2. Had an irritation with Master Rig which seemed to be at default setting after restarting Wavelab but on clicking on the scene buttons the settings were still there, audible + visible. Is it maybe just a graphic glitch, GUIs not updated?

Aah, just found this: