fader selection in Q-Link mode

latest C 9.5 version. small glitch with occasionally dramatic effects:
1.make new empty project and have the Master Fader selected in Mix window and have Q-Link activated
1 empty project.png
2. in the project window add a new track.
2 add track in proj window.png
3. now the newly created track in the project window is selected and the previously selected Master fader is also still selected in the mix window.
3 both CH selected in mix.png
4. create any other number or type of track and change selection in project window. you will see that in the mixer window the MAster fader stays selected.
because Q-link is active any changes in vol, pan, inserts, EQ etc. that are done on any of the new tracks in the project window are also applied to the Master fader! which creates very unwanted results.
3 both CH selected in mix.png
2 add track in proj window.png

Join us here.
Maybe we get this fixed within a year…