FaderPort 16 and Cubase Pro 11 - wrong text in one Scribble display

Hi, checked the forum I did not find exactly my issue. So I have properly connected FaderPort 16 to Cubase Pro 11 and later on (during work) I found the Scribble display for channel 9 has wrong text (not the track name) - it was “0010101”. If I edited the track`s name the display refreshed correctly. As soon as I move channel/bank on FaderPort side the Scribble for channel 9 (on FaderPort side) changes again to the strange number. I tried to start a new empty project for testing, added 10 tracks wit consequential names (“track 01” to “track 10”) and the same behaviour (so I think it is easily reproducable). I did the same test with Cubase 7 and there were everything OK. Both Cubase were configured in the same way according to the FaderPort manual and both were running on the same computer (W10/64bit, build 1903). It is just annoying but any hint for solution? Thanx and regards! Pavel


Does the FaderPort 16 use 2 Mackie Control Devices, or does it have own component, please? Is it always reproducible?

Do you have the latest Firmware updated installed, please?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

Hi Martin, everything was set up as described in manual:

  • 2 MCUs each one for different FaderPort MIDI port (and yes, they are in the correct order so after first initialization and creating 16+ tracks they appear in correct order)
  • the latest firmware (3.44 at the time of writing) and latest Universal Control have been installed
  • yes, the problem still persists even I start Cubase with disabled preferences (I had to create the connection to FP16 from the scratch then)

I did not try it on different computer but here on my side it is always reproducable (on C11) and always OK (on C7).

As soon as I close the active Project all 16 faders moves completely down (what is OK) but the Scribble on 9th chanel stays with “0000000” text. So it seems like anything inside MCU communication if there are 2 MCU devices in cooperation. If I define just the one MCU and connect it with MIDI port 2 of FP16, the only second half of faders has been inicialized (which is OK) and everything written in Scribble displays (9-16) is correct. If I switch the MIDI ports in Studio Setup dialog the groups of 8 tracks are “swapped” upon FP16 and the scribble text on fader 9 is still wrong. It seems like there are some differencies between C7 and C11 in this functionality.


Could you please, just for fun, try to swap the Mackie Control’s Output MIDI Ports in Cubase? Then the 9th Cubase fader will appear on the 1st FaderPort 16 fader (and display). I would be wondering, what would the display show then.

:smiley: I tried that. No problem on displays.
As soon as I changed the MIDI ports to correct order the Ch. 9 got the wrong info again. But - I did not mentioned this - If I move the fader banks to next 16+ and back, the Scribble info randomly displays correct/wrong text. So it is not “stable” in the way there is ALWAYS wrong text (i.e. the numbers mentioned above). It can disappear and is replaced by correct track/channel name text during shifting the channel groups (in “Bank” more selected upon FP16). Strange behaviour… I did not see this when tne MIDI ports were switched between (i.e. during the recommended funny text).


To me it smells like HW or firmware issue.

Hmm…maybe. Would be nice to check it. I dunno why this is not happening with C7 version :-/ are you able to try it with some FP16 on your side? Just simple test like properly configured FP16 with Cubase 11, creating new empty Project, add 16+ tracks with consequent names (either just numbers or “test 1…xx” - whatever) and it could be seen immediately. Anyway if HW issue - my FP16 in MCU mode does not shift in Banks of 16 but only of 8 (this differs from the manual) - may it point to anything related to HW too?


I have tried with 2 MCU software emulations and it works as expected, here. No display issues.

OK - I will find either somebody with FP16 or try it upon different computer to be sure whether HW system with Cubase installed plays/does not play any role in this :slight_smile:

Strange :frowning: I did not find anybody yet but test it in Factory default firmware version and the same behaviour. The text on Scribble strip “9” is randomly OK/not OK when I shift the Banks of faders. Everything OK in cooperation with C7. Was not there any MCU implementation to the rest of Cubase modules change?


I remember, the Mackie Control implementation changed in Cubase in the past. But I don’t remember, when was it. My guess is Cubase 7 was the very first with the new implementation. But I might be wrong and it was maybe Cubase 7.5. I’m sorry, it’s 7 or 8 years ago, I don’t remember anymore… With your Cubase 11 Pro license you can install older Cubase versions and try it with Cubase 9, Cubase 8…

Yes - I know that but to be honest this is not so annoying for me to spend much mor time installing Cubase versions 8 and above :slight_smile: I am able to live with that and this might be solved in the future or not…maybe more constructive might be to analyze the MCU data stream between C11 and FP16 to think about what happens in the particular moment or so… maybe it is only platform dependent and no other could have such this behaviour - I will see what future brings :slight_smile:


If you could capture the data stream (SysEx messages), I can send it from Cubase to my Mackie here to see, what does my Mackie shows on the screens. Then we would know, if Cubase sends wrong data or if FP16 does interpret it wrong.

Has there been a fix or issue related to this? My Faderport 16 does the exact same thing.

no fix as far as I know.

I confirm. The same behaviour with C12. Due to the fact it is not essential for me I did not catch the SysEx data as Martin requested and did not continue with analysis of this phenomena :slight_smile: If I remember I would do that soon…



Have you tested Cubase 12.0.20, please?

Will do. I had updated C12 after initial release but I did not switch FP16 on from that time.


Hi Martin,
I just tested it:

  • the bug leading to wrong symbols in one sribble display seems to be fixed in 12.0.20
  • the „feature“ that Presonus shows not just the names of the mixer track but in some windows words like „Pan“ „Page 1/„“ etc. is still there. I read a post by Presonus that this is „not a bug but a feature“

Thnx - will test on my side too. As for the second bullet: I did not treat with that as a “bug” because simillar behaviour had been implemented in Houston controller so this is moreless clear it is feature. I created this topic only due to the channel name problem when there was uncorrect text in only one scribble display.
Thnx for the information it seems to be fixed!