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Can Steinberg please do something about those Fuzzy faders on the console especially red which makes you dizzy looking at them. The faders are not pleasant on the eye and has got me seeing double.
I have tried cleaning my glasses , but it does not resolve the matter.
Just have a look yourself and it is plain to see.

All the Best

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Hi John,

What OS are you using?
What is your screen resolution?
Are you using HiDPI in Cubase?

Oh and I notice this is tagged as Cubase 10, is that correct?


Just noticed the C10 tag, so please ignore.

I suspect (and I’m probably wrong) that you may possibly be “experiencing” the new 3D faders. There is a shaded portion at the top and bottom of the fader.
They look fine on my system, not fuzzy at all, even when I changed them all to Red, which is one of the problems Cubase devs face - we all have different systems, some work better than others and there’s no real way to know which is which. Hence some of us say “no problem here” and others find it unusable.

Hi Phil
I am using Windows 11 on a I7, 7800X computer with a Nvidia GT1030 Graphic card and 32 gig ram.

Screen resolution 1920x1080x 60 Hertz.

Sorry for the tag ,it should be in Cubase 13
How do i move that ???
Just look at Cubase 13 and magnify the faders and you will see what i mean
Then go back to normal viewing and you see the out of focus effect it gives.
It needs those shadowed ends clipped off to sharpen up the faders.
Just look at Cubase 12 ,they are good compared with 13
There is an extended shadow at top and bottom of the faders and that makes a terrible contrast. When you look at them normally it gives a blurred look or out of focus and i find it rather annoying.
I do know that the whole of Cubase 13 has bumped the colours up and i have to tone them down a little, but the faders do need a graphic man to put that right.
Even on Dom’s Mix console video you can see the burred effect.
It is plain to see.

Everything else is fine up to now.

All the best

You didn’t mention you are using HiDPI or not but not to worry I have moved your comments to C13 area.

Since this is a complaint and something you find annoying rather than an “issue” I don’t have an answer for that, sorry. I guess it also depends on how large you have the faders etc. and of course personal opinions.

Here is what I see (4K display HiDPI on), I can’t say I have any issues with it. (Obviously the zoomed in 200% inlay is blurry due to zooming in btw).

However, I must admit, the important part of the fader for me is the centre line on the fader that lines up with the numbers on the right.


Hey, I also need to blame again… this is horrible. It gives me eye cancer and migraine!

People will not stop blaiming about this until it’s corrected to a much better look and feel. That’s a fact.

And btw., why the fader is not in the middle of both scalas? And why the hell they need to be hidden under certain width? It would save space and much more…

I spent an hour to find a color scheme to get it as best as possible to hide this unsharpness. Lets say like this…

Why is red fader problem? You can change fader colors as you wish…

To me that looks blurred and distorted.
It is like looking at a 3D film without 3 D glasses.
I know what the designer is trying to achieve, but looking at a tv is 2 dimensional.
Why cant they extend the fader and cut out that silly shadow because it is poor 3D on a 2D screen.
Also people with lower eyesight will find this more than annoying
Yes it is also an issue.

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Red Fader is a problem because it highlights what i am trying to say because it stands out .
Blue, you can fiddle and get somewhere near.
For the cost of this program the default should be pin sharp like most other daws.
I need more people to back me up on this as Cubase 12 faders were much better.
It is the graphic designers that need to up their game.
The big trouble is when you are in the console view and working, the faders just stand out a mile distorted looking and to me fuzzy because of the bad 3D effect.
Just look at the picture Phil has uploaded and you can see it does not look right.
All it needs is design to adjust and upadate the faders so we do not have to keep saying to ourselves, should we get another eye check.
Some of us Cubase owners are over 50 or like me well over. :smiley:

That picture shows the bad fader design.
You can see that top and bottom is a faded red and middle brighter, but when you draw away the fader looks fuzzy and distorted. Call it ghosting if you like , but i would talk to the designers and see if they can make the faders more clarity
When you look at the bank of faders it is not nice to the eye, all looks out of focus. It draws your eyes to it somehow.
It maybe what design were setting out to achieve to give a 3D effect but it ends up a mess in my view.
Sometimes the little things can make a big difference to the overall picture.

This is a picture of Cubase12 and the red faders are pin sharp. Nice clean cut edges.
This is because the outer part is brighter than the middle and gives a much better look.
Cubase 13 fader upgrade is poor,again my view or opinion.
Cubase 13 needs to be sorted out in the console view.
Cubase 12 much more relaxing on the eyes.

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The only Issue i have left with C13 is the …FADER CAPS ( bloody hell it’s been a full week without mentioning them )

Same here .Everything else looks good. Change those horrid fader caps :crazy_face:

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If there is meant to be a 3d fader, would we need to change the graphics settings to more modern ones where everything is set to allow - unlike previously recommended settings for Cubase?
I too am seeing fuzzy-looking faders which makes me feel like I need stronger glasses :face_with_monocle: and I cannot stand it!

I completely agree!!! Have you found a way around it yet, as I also find this really annoying! There must be a way to switch off this 3D thing somewhere?

When is steinberg going to listen to us??
It is a bright fader with darker ends, but when you look away and relook in normal looking as a whole, it gives the impression of burry out of focused faders.
It is very annoying as it draws your eyes to it and makes you feel that nausea and you just want to look away.
Please Steinberg fix this for us as it affects the visually impaired and the older old farts like me.
You just have to look at the faders in Cubase 12 ,and then 13 and you will see what we see Blurred out of focus faders. 3D effect without glasses is the best way to descibe this problem. There are pictures above , enough evidence.
Your designers have got the shading the wrong way around on the faders.
This needs fixing

A little dickybird has told me they are working on it , so be patient

Good. When!!!??

It is an issue , if you can’t look at the mixer faders due to eye sight disability then it’s an issue .
Unless someone suffers with a sight disability then there really is no reason to comment because you don’t know the anguish we suffer .

It has been mentioned that Steinberg are looking to resolve this 'issue ’ which i for one am really looking forward to and with a slight toning down of the Font’s it will be the perfect mixer if implemented correctly

No, the tone of the comments are complaining. i.e. Someone complaining about something that cannot be resolved by walking them through settings and helping.

My point being that no amount of help at this point will make any difference. It is not a bug as such.

Of course, I am not saying that this should not be listened to. All I was saying was that there is nothing that can be done by the user to change this, at this point in time.

Please also bear in mind you are talking to real people here, who attempt to help you free of charge, we are not bots.