Fail to upgrade from Dorico 3.5 to Dorico 4

Yes… it runs. Thank you very much - hoping it will work on after 30 days :wink:

Once again: Tanks

Hello Dorico, Hello Steinberg,

I have an USB license. can you just make it work please?
I do have an activation code to an upgrade from 3.5 to 4 and it’s taking me hours already being sent from left to right and back, and back and back.

The key is attached to the computer, the invoice is paid. I’ve done my part now please do yours.
I’m getting a bit frustrated as you can guess…

You‘ll need to share a little bit more information for us to help you.
Have you been able to activate Dorico 4? Meaning, does the Steinberg Activation Manager show it as activated on your computer?
If not, have you entered the code you received already in the Steinberg Download Assistant?
Where exactly are you stuck?

Welcome to the forum, Bart. I’m sorry you’re having problems. As Sascha says, if you can provide a bit more information about exactly what is happening for you, we should be able to help.

Good afternoon tot you David,

I made it work, thank you.
I’m sorry to have spent the entire sunday afternoon on it.

As many of us, I am a musician in the first and in the last place. A computer is just a tool for me. For simple minds like myself a 3 step procedure like (buy and pay - download and install - launch) would be so great!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to get to work with D4 as I loved to work with D3.5 before.
Have a nice day!

I’m Daniel, rather than David, but no worries (I’ve had that issue all my life!) :smiley:

I’m sorry the procedure was anything but smooth for you. It is obviously our ambition to make the process of acquiring, installing and activating our software as easy as possible, but we still have a way to go, undoubtedly.

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