failed to record audio in Cubase element 8

I have a problem with cubase elements 8. It doesn’t record vocals, I am using windows 7, memory is 8 GB, intel core i7 - 4510Uprocessor, I installed CAD U37 microphone in my machine,it is working perfectly in all other applications but it doesn’t work in Cubase! Also the built in mic of my laptop doesn’t work in cubase too.
I went through Device>Device setup>VST Audio System, and made sure that Generic Low latency audio driver is selected (by the way, I don’t have ASIO4ALL driver). the Generic Low latency audio driver is the only driver I can select.
I clicked the following
Device>Device Setup>Generic Low latency ASIO driver in the left hand side, then I found the In port system name is Microphone (Conexant SmartAu 1) and the out port system name is Speakers (Conexant SmartAudi 1) these are the built in mic and speakers on my laptop
I clicked the control panel button, strangely enough, the output ports contain both the built in speaker and the Cad U 37, and they are shown as follows: Speakers Conexant Smart Audio HD (built in speaker) & (speakers USB PNP sound device). Meanwhile, the input ports contain only the built in microphone which is Conexant smartaudio HD).
I clicked Devices>VST connections> and the CAD 37 (speakers USP PNP sound device) doesn’t show.
In all cases no audio is recorded, please advise.

Cubase works best with an audio card that is ASIO capable (latency and connection issues if not ASIO compatible). So, it is likely that the audio card in your laptop is not.

If it was, you would be able to see and add the mic location as an input buss when you are in Cubase’s “Devices>VST Connections” menu.

To start, download and install the free ASIO4all driver. Choose it in the “Device Setup> VST System Link” menu. Then check the “Devices>VST Connections” menu to see if you can set up an input buss for you mic. If not, I’m afraid, you will probably have to purchase a audio interface that is ASIO compliant. They are not that expensive.

Here is an example of what they look like. There are many different units available. Just search for “audio interface” to see a bunch.

Also, review this forum topic. Maybe it will assist you:

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As Prock says, for the CAD you will need to install ASIO4all and select that as your driver in Cubase.

Here is an earlier thread with some more details…and confirmation that this should work.

thank you so much for your kind help, I am about to install ASIO4all driver, , I have downloaded the one in the following site: is it OK to install or do you recommend any other site? sorry for asking basic questions, but this is my first experience with Cubase

That is the developer site so this will be the latest version.

I have installed asio4all driver and it worked like magic, I went to Device>Device setup>ASIO4All in the left pane, clicked the control panel button and selected USB PnP Sound Device & Conexant HD Audio capture and that is all, the microphone is working beautifully. Thanks for your support