Feature improvement: selection behaviour after using track divider

I am a huge fan of using the track divider (took me years to discover this small button).
If you don’t know it, find the tiny ‘slash’ between the scroll bars:

This creates the possibilty to keep - say - your arranger and timeline track or other tracks you want to focus on, at the top of the screen, while scrolling down. Really handy.

But … it has one problem, which I consider a bug, or at least a design flaw.
Using the track divider changes the selection behaviour of events.

Normal behaviour: clicking a track or event, deselects previously selected tracks/events.

However with the track divider on, tracks and events in one half of the division, remain selected when you work in the other half. This is very confusing and repeatedly has me deleting tracks, and colorizing events that I did not intent to delete or color.

Thanks for noticing this issue.
This has also been pointed out by another user :

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The track division should functionally look and feel as nothing more than a split view for the user, even though under the the hood of the application this is probably a much more severe division.

I would also like select all to select all in both zones, not just the active one.

I just spent my last remaining vote on this! It’s a daily annoyance for me when trying to color tracks (I have to carefully click in an empty space in both areas above and below the divider to make sure no event is selected if I want to color a newly added track).

I also found this problem