Selecting events/tracks in project window does not unselect events/tracks in divided track list

Usually when selecting a track, the track selected before gets unselected. This is also true if you select tracks between the normal project window and the divided track list.

Also: when selecting events, the event selected before gets unselected. This does not work however, if you select an event of either the project window or the divided track list and then select one of the other area.
In that case both events keep being selected.

It gets further complicated when “track selection follows event selection” is active:

  1. Select an event of the project window ( in this case also the track gets selected)
  2. Select an event of the divided track list ( now also the track of the divided track list gets selected)
  3. Both events/tracks are now selected and continue to do so until you directly click on another track in either the project window AND click in an empty space in both areas
  4. if you now i.e. remove a track in the project window or divided track list, even the track in the other area gets removed, so if you don’t pay attention you accidently mess up both of your areas

PS: Similar things happen if you first select a track of one area and then an event of the other one. In that case both tracks and one event are selected.

I confirm the issue, in Cubase 12.0.30, Windows.

At first it seems to be a visual issue only, since when multiple events are selected between the two lists, only the events from the active list receive the edits (the one you’re doing the edits from), it just ignores the other list.

But, when Track Selection follows Event Selection is enabled, under Preferences>Editing, selected events also select the tracks, and there are serious disparities when using the right-click commands on these tracks :

The following actions are linked between the two lists, and are effective on all selected tracks :

  • Remove Selected Tracks,
  • Freeze Selected Tracks,
  • Show Automation.

The following actions are not linked between the two lists, and are only effective on tracks that are in the list you initiate the right-click from :

  • Duplicate Selected Tracks,
  • Disable Selected Tracks,
  • Hide Selected Tracks.

Also, Hide Selected Tracks only appears when clicking in the lower list. It is simply missing when clicking tracks in the upper list. Maybe Steinberg can tell us why ? I swear, even when we troubleshoot a specific issue, the chances of running into another issue are considerably high…

The best would be to modify the upper list such as only the Marker, Ruler, Signature, Tempo, Arranger, Chord, Transpose and Video Tracks are allowed.

Sorry for repeating myself if you’ve read on other topics, but in this DAW we simply cannot do even the most basic stuff without coming across issues or inconsistencies.

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There are indeed inconsistencies and they need to be fixed. Thats why I try to point out everything I can find.
However, Cubase is also one, if not THE, most feature rich DAW on the market, so I somehow get, that it might not always be that easy. Also, what Steinberg is doing lately is really promising, so I have hope, that these issues will be fixed sooner or later (I made a support request for each issue/bug I posted in this forum, and they now usually always get back to me after some time, this has not always been the case).

I made about 12 issue reports in total, most “minor” issues and some are annoying, but thats not a lot in my book, no real “big” issue.

I have about the same number of feature requests, to improve workflow, some of them are bigger, some smaller (tabbed plugin windows, clip gain automation, gapless audio engine, improved quantize and hitpoint editor, etc.).

But in general I have to say, that Cubase is still the most complete DAW for me. I do band recording, editing, mixing and mastering and often have more than 250 tracks per project. I tried out all other big DAWs on the market, and while some things were sometimes solved better there, other things were much worse.
So I’ll keep trying to make this DAW better, by pointing out what can be improved!

You’re totally right ! Cubase is the only DAW to include everything that is needed for complete music production, right out of the box.
Maybe there is too much to deal with and the developers can’t keep up fixing all the bugs at once, and the code is also quite old now.
When I have a moment I’ll open support requests for all the issues that are in the Wiki. I still have to add a few then I’ll saturate their servers with requests :wink:

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I also appreciate your wiki thread, you seem to be very active on this forum as well, when it comes to find bugs, FRs and issues. Thats good to see!
If you haven’t reported your issues to SB already using the support request form on the mysteinberg account page, I’d recommend you to do that, as they will take a look on that and get back to after some time for sure (and the earlier you do that, the faster they are gonna react to that).
Some bugs I reported there short time ago did it in the latest maintenance updates!

Added to the issues list, number 29.

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I also found this problem

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It’s worse than that (still present in Cubase/Nuendo 13)

The selection of parts is also linked between the divisions, which means that any part/event operations apply to both lists. But “conveniently” “Select None” or any PLE function that selects/deselects tracks or parts does not affect both lists. It’s almost as if devs has deliberately designed the bug to not have any workaround using their own logical tools.

This effectively renders the Divide Window feature completely useless.


That’s why I no longer use this function - it’s too dangerous.

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Same here, stopped using it as soon as I found out why the events in my projects moved around “seemling randomly”. The function is completely useless as it is now.

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