Feature request: 2 different shortcuts for jump bar commands / go to mode

In code editors like Visual Studio Code or Sublime Text, there are ‘command palette’ and ‘go to anything’ bars that can be accessed via cmd-shift-P and cmd-P. In Dorico, the corresponding features, the two modes of the jump bar, are behind the same shortcut (j). After opening the jump bar, you may have to press another shortcut (ctrl-opt-1 or ctrl-opt-2) to change mode inside the jump bar to access the command palette or go-to-anything. That partly defeats the purpose of the jump bar, which must be pure speed for power users. More importantly, it introduces the need to be aware of the UI state of the jump bar before you start typing, which takes time too. So I have a feature request: could there be 2 different keyboard commands for ‘open the jump bar in commands mode’ and ‘open the jump bar in go-to mode’? I would propose ‘j’ and ‘shift-j’. Thank you very much for considering this!


I’ve made a note of this and we’ll implement it in a future version.


That’s great! Thank you so much.

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Perhaps cmd-G could just be absorbed into the jump bar and the key command be repurposed.


I surely thought about this at least once a week. Fascinating neither me nor anyone else requested it until now. Thanks!

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