FEATURE REQUEST: Enhancements to EVENT Gain curve adjusting

EDIT: OK, I want to clear this out first: I’m NOT talking about the TRACK volume automation but the EVENT volume automation. If someone didn’t know, one can draw an automation WITHIN an event. Into the event itself. NOT to the track.

Hi everybody for a long-time-since-here.

First I wanted to tell Steiny that what would be totally COOL would be rainbow-colored waveforms when I’m mixing Reggae. That would make me feel sooo cool and relaxed! How about that? I’m really sure that EVERYBODY would love the same!

Hehe, only kidding. Sorry 'bout that.

My issue concerns the Draw function, which is a great feature in Cubase. You always don’t have to adjust the track volume since because there’s no easy way adjusting overall volume of a track with volume automation curves then you can use the Event Gain curve to subdue or amplify certain points of the event itself.

The Draw function has some flaws. Two of them that I have in mind. Here they are:

  1. You cannot constrain (was that the right word?) the horizontal or vertical adjustment with the Draw tool. At least I don’t know how to do it. I tried with CTRL/ALT/SHIFT + dragging but it won’t work. I find it irritating since I usually want to make the event gain adjustments so that some of the points stay vertically intact. I know it’s not a big difference to drag the points around “just about right”, but nonethe less, I hate doing it “almost right”. One should be able to constrain (when wanted) only the horizontal or vertical position of the edit point(s). What do you think?

  2. The other - and much more annoying thing - is that almost every time when I start to edit an existing edit-point, it adds another one istead. That’s of course my Pen isn’t exactly over an edit point. Cubase should give some kind of a visual notification/confirmation (like changing the color of the crosshair) when the Pen is EXACTLY over the edit-point to be moved. Now the crosshair completely covers the edit-point and at least I find it annoying. This happens almost every time when I try to move the edit-point.

  3. And I just remembered the third thing with Event Gain editing: They are not “selectable” when using the Arrow (default) tool so that one could adjust different parameters of the edit-point directly from the Info line. I use info-line editing a lot since I find it handy to just hover over the desired parameter and adjust it with mouse scroll wheel. So I would find it very pleasing to have them selectable with the default arrow tool also. I can’t think of anything bad with it anyways?

I know that Event Volume curve adjusting might not be all that important feature for everybody else, but nonetheless it IS a feature in Cubase and should be as good as possible. And I don’t think that these features - if they existed - would make Cubase any more “complex”? Only better.

O’ brothers and sisters, share thy feedback with me!!


Some info here might be useful? Best answer is at the bottom.

Regarding item 2, not following…when I want to move an automation point, I switch to the object selection tool instead of the pen. It never adds a point.

No no. You didn’t understand what I was meaning. Maybe I put it badly; I’m talking about an EVENT GAIN VOLUME automation. With Pen tool you can draw a volume curve WITHIN the Event. That has got nothing to do with the TRACK volume curve which of course is volume curve also but my point is exactly that I’m not willing to use an automation on the track - only within an EVENT.

Indeed! The Good Old Dynamic events which was there in CubaseVST and was abandomed on change to CubaseSX series. Never been big issue for me, but according to outroar in the old Cubase forum years ago, there were bunch of people asking them to come back. And while still not being big issue for me … I’d really like to see them in Cubase. Might even make me finally upgrade from C4.


Man, they ARE there! Just select the Event first and THEN click the Pen tool. That changes the currently selected event in a mode where you can draw the Gain edit-points :slight_smile:

So it indeed IS still here but my question and concern was not about existing of the Event volume edit points but how to be able to edit them properly. One can now of course use “only” the mouse but I would like the edit points also be editable via Info area. AND constrain the directions when moving the edit-points. AND a more precise way of indication when the mouse actually is over an edit-point.

Damn, I thought that everybody knew about Event gain adjusting… So you just click the Pen tool and start drawing those edit-points :wink:

Oh, okey. I have been using only C5 & 6. If I remember correctly, it was possible to add gain in C5 but I’m not sure. Had a seizure last year so forgot that among other things :wink:

Hmm, would be nice to know how they worked earlier then. Not that it makes any difference but makes me wonder why Steiny alters so much things that already work. Anyway it would be nice to have some more flexibility on editing Event curves. Currently it’s not that good.

Exactly! Current implementation is so hard to work with it’s almost useless. Yes, you CAN do everything you could with Dynamic Events … but the way to do it … it just makes you to desperately find any other possible solution.