FEATURE REQUEST: "Feature Requests & Suggestions" subsection for Dorico Forum?

As a new Dorico customer, I notice that a lot of Steinberg Product Forums have a “Feature Requests & Suggestions” subsection. Why isn’t there a similar section in the Dorico Forum?

As I learn the software, I find many essential features missing and I don’t want to duplicate the requests many others must have made, and would like to see other opinions.

So that’s one of my 1st feature requests.

Just post them here. Feel free to do a search, but I have come to find the search doesn’t do a very good job. If it is a doubled request, so be it.


For the time being, we in the development team prefer having a single forum to follow rather than many different ones. We don’t mind seeing duplicate feature requests, so please feel free to post them here as you the mood takes you.

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To add a thought to it:
More often than not, what starts as a feature request end up being either a bug report or people get pointed to already existing documentation.
I fear, adding a Feature Request category on its own will only increase the time to moderate those forums.

MakeMusic has separate forums for Questions and Feature Requests, and users are constantly putting questions into the feature request forum (the design of the MM Forums are probably partly to blame); but then helpful users answer the requests with how-to’s. The resulting dual forum structure turns out to be a mishmash.

I’m (for one) much happier with Dorico’s single-forum structure.

Two crucial feature requests:

  1. real-time MIDI input: I cannot overemphasise how important that is to my workflow. At the moment it is one of the most cumbersome workarounds to have to deal with.

  2. VST System Link or some way (MTC, SMPTE?) of locking to another device running Cubase where all the sound design/synth elements are recorded. Absolutely critical. Thank you!

Thanks for your requests. Both of them are of course on our radar.

This post was made in error…thx


Tom, this is the Dorico forum, not the Cubase forum. Did you mean to post in the Cubase forum?

This is the Dorico forum, this question might be better served on the Cubase Forum.


Oh my, so sorry! My mistake…thx…

There are two features that I would really love to see in future versions.

  1. Re: playing Techniques alternative text property. It would be great if the user could choose to display the alternative text before or after the main text (perhaps a switch/toggle, akin to “Above/Below” options of other properties?). Seeing “poco sul tasto” or “unmeasured key clicks” would be better than “sul tasto poco” and “key clicks unmeasured,” respectively. In the meantime, I just input the alternative as plain text and align it manually.

  2. A ruler in Engrave Mode. Ideally one that could be switched between inches and millimetres( or even both simultaneously?), with a thin line running from the ruler to the object being moved around on the page (perhaps like the dashed line that currently runs through the middle of a selected hairpin). I believe it would make it easier to align and adjust things visually without the need for excessive calculations.

Thank you for reading!

Thanks for your requests, Konstantin.

+1 on Konstantin’s number 2 request, i.e. for a ruler with guidelines in Engrave mode.


Hello Daniel,

I have two feature requests, both of which I’m sure are duplicates but here goes.

(1) Filter Notes by Value. Currently we do not have the option in the filter list to select notes of a set value. For example, select only all quavers or select only all crotchets etc.

(2) Figured Bass. An oft requested feature and I know there is an excellent option by fkretlow in the thread “Bring on that sweet figured bass” and a workaround using Dorico’s text feature. However, I’m certain that when Figured Bass is officially added this will beat any existing notation software.

I would dearly love both of the above and really look forward to having them on board Dorico. :slight_smile:

Thank you again Daniel and the team for such an excellent program.

Best wishes

I would love for a global menu option to allow Dorico to activate the proper “sub mode” when switching to engrave mode if you already have an object selected. I cannot express how vexing it can be when I make a large selection (multiple lines of lyrics for example) and lose my selection because the last time I was in engrave mode I had edited a text frame so engrave mode was in the wrong “sub mode”. I’m sure there are people who prefer the current behavior, but it drives me absolutely bonkers. This is compounded by the fact that one cannot select things as easily in engrave mode as you can in write mode (you cannot click on a measure and select all the notes or lyrics at once, for instance). Why not have Dorico just pop into the correct category when switching to engrave mode if there is an active selection? I think it is a safe bet that for many of us, we have something selected and shift to Engrave mode with the intent of tweaking that thing.

…I know, I know… wait until the end to make graphical tweaks… but we all know that is not practical all the time, especially when formatting might be necessary to make sense of what you’re seeing to help you continue further in write mode.

Have a lovely weekend, all. (*Cue Maggie Smith as the dowager duchess asking, “what is a week_end_?!” :laughing:

My feature request after working some weeks with Dorico:

  • more midi editing features in the piano roll editor like:
    • being able to make a selection of notes and lower ior raise the velocity together (proportional with a modifier key?). I often want to export a piano piece for my students as audio and finding out the melody notes have been input too soft (but the chords should stay as they are). It’s a hell of a job to correct that now, so I record the piece again in Reaper for audio export. Would be great to do that faster in Dorico.

BTW: love Dorico and the working speed it offers for notation and the already present daw functions :wink: .

Another ‘feature request’ would be in depth video’s about the exact differences between Pro and Elements. I didn’t find anything serious about this on YouTube. I want to recommend Dorico to my colleagues (music teachers) but several of them would probably have enough functionality using Dorico Elements. I’m especially thinking of a guitar teaching colleague and would like to know what the restrictions in Elements are for her instrument (tablature, chord symbol editing). It’s obvious that the comparison chart at Steinberg can’t provide provide details about these things.

Maybe there is a way to start Pro as Elements? Like starting in SE mode with Ctrl? Then I can investigate myself.

Keep up the good work! I’m impressed by your achievements over the last years.

Hold down Alt instead of Ctrl.

The main restriction for chord symbols in Elements is that you can’t alter any of the settings in Engraving Options, and you can’t make individual graphical edits to the chord symbols in Engrave mode (because Engrave mode isn’t there). For chord diagrams, you can choose between the preset ones, but you can’t design your own new ones. All of these restrictions are of course subject to change in future versions.