FEATURE REQUEST: "Feature Requests & Suggestions" subsection for Dorico Forum?

Yep I’m pretty desperate for capo chords.

Hi! I’m loving Dorico having switched last summer but still always looking things up and getting better. Right now, I’m using it for film scoring. Anyhow, as a feature request I was thinking how cool would it be to have a “versions” possible. So in the same file I can write a part, say for the clarinet, and then try something different by going under the clarinet part and creating a different version. Then it would be easy to toggle between versions of a part to see which one is best. Have an A B C, underneath each part if they have different versions that have been created.

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If you have added it as a solo player, you can add staves below.

Daniel! you could just add a tag named ‘Feature Requests’ in optional tags:



There’s already one.

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It would be interesting to have the possibility to remap the configuration of midi notes in the percussion map to assign them to any note without having to enter a third party software like Halion or Agent.
A bit like in finale.
The other idea would be to be able to assign drum sounds and notes to the computer keyboard to go faster.
To see if it is feasible obviously.
Thanks for listening

My little request: a more comprehensive playback feature.
-Exact Markers for looping sections…etc
Yes, Cubase inspired, but even a few of these features available in Dorico would be fantastic. Imagine a little floating window on the Write page, where you can play, replay, alter the speed precisely, metronome, etc…
I´m ready to upgrade to pro if anything in that direction would be available.

Thanks the Dorico developers for adding the Pitch Before Duration input function. I still couldn’t achieve the Speediness, however, as the up/down arrow keys do not define the pitch. I have to bring the caret back from the other staves after habitually hit the up/down arrow keys. As if they can go horizontally, naturally, they should be able to go vertically too(within the same staff). By no means I’m the common case, but I can input very fast using arrow/number keys only(on other apps, of course). Most importantly, it allows me to think the relative pitch(solfege). Hope can enjoy this efficient yet musical input in the future release. Thanks again.

Welcome to the forum, @Su_Yang. If I remember correctly, you can re-assign the shortcuts for repitching notes up and down in the Key Commands editor in Preferences if you want to!

Thanks for your reply, Daniel. To quote your 3.5 release note: “some people feel more comfortable thinking “F sharp quarter note” rather than “quarter note sharp F”. This is a good insight. I would argue that most people think pitch first, whether when we are performing or composing. Without pitch, there is nothing to think about the time value. I think in a sense, pitch can be said as the medium for rhythm. After years on Sibelius, with left hand on numbers while right hand on arrows, I feel like inputting is just another performance. I hope working on my MacBook Pro with Dorico in it will be like a “live performance.” I appreciate your hard work. Have a nice week!

Here’s my first feature request:

  • Make “Condensed” music selectable and editable. Having to switch back to separate staves rather then one with multiple voices, completely defeats the purpose of the function itself. On top of that, since music can’t be selected, it can’t be “soloed” to quickly listen to the desired passage. Having to go to the mixer and solo the track to then un-solo it again defeats the purpose.

All the best

yes & no. On the one hand, I totally agree that the ability to select condensed voices would be a wonderful improvement. That said, fundamentally, condensing is a convenience feature where music presentation is concerned. It isn’t meant to be the editing score; it’s meant to be the final printing score for a conductor. In that respect, assuming the notes are correct, this is a very successful feature.

I was working on a score today and wanted to input multiple breath marks, and I was surprised to see I couldn’t do a multiselection and apply breath marks to all the notes. I’d love to see this in the future. I was partly surprised since you can apply other things to more than one note at a time.

Definitely. There are many times when I’ve hoped multiselection would get the job done, only to have to go through edits on a note by note basis. The most recent time was inputting a pedal line across 16 or so bars, selecting the notes where I wanted retakes - nope, has to be done individually.

I think I’m right in saying this has been raised before and is on the list for further development.

Couple of tips using the app as it works now, in case they’re helpful:

  • You can show the caret, extend it to the relevant adjacent staves, then input the breath mark on all those staves using the popover.

  • You can also input one, copy, select multiple staves, and paste - this works for notes, off the top of my head I’d expect it to work for items too but I may be wrong.

Breath marks aren’t strictly applied to notes, like articulations, they’re separate notations which are generally one-at-a-time.

Place your first retake. Hold Alt and click each subsequent retake note. Job done.

This is as quick as doing a multiselect and then applying an action to all!.

Unfortunately not so for retakes - they become part of the pedal line and cannot be selected independently of it.

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(A variation on what Lillie said.)

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My bad. (Pedal line’s a rarity for me). I do use this technique for placing many other items, and it’s quick.

Exciting! :+1: