Feature request for MIDI region quantization (Logic users considering Cubase)

Clients I work with who use Logic for MIDI will quantize regions independent of the track they are on. This is handy for beat based MIDI work where the same loop maps to multiple regions quantized/swung differently. These users never open a piano roll like menu or select notes when quantizing. Recalling a regions Q settings in the arrangement and adjusting it relative to adjacent regions Q settings is the workflow. But Cubase does not recall current Q settings; Q values can only be erased and set from scratch. Cubase allows for different settings of the Quantize plugin per track, but the plugin cannot stay open and update the status when you switch tracks. So the same instrument ends up with multiple tracks for different Q settings - which you don’t want to see in the score window. Previous requests for this include,


You can keep the source data in the track and set the quantise in the Inspector.

In Cubase the quantization never applies to a track or a part (region for you Logic people) but to events.
Furthermore the Quantize panel never shows the settings for a track/part/event but always shows what is going to be applied to the selected events in case you carry out the Quantize function. (“Never the past, always the future”)
This is a fundamental difference to how Logic operates.

The above is only meant as an explanation for others coming from Logic. I don’t want to tell others what they can wish for and what not.
However, this is not a small request. It would require a fundamental redesign of the quantize in Cubase.


Not realy.

You can use the Quantizer MIDI Insert to set the quantize per track. Then you can automate its Quantize Note parameter to change the quantize at any time.

By using this, you can always keep your source MIDI data and use different Quantize setup for different track or part non-destructively.

Btw. Quantize in Cubase is always non-destructive. You don’t have to do Undo, you can just Reset Quantize locally.

True. One easily forgets about MIDI insert effects, even though it was mentioned by OP. However, compared to the Quantize panel the insert effect has a reduced set of parameters. Yet, they might be sufficient.
Coming back to the feature-request: I don’t think anything done to events can superseed the insert effect due to the nature of the former being applied “offline” and the latter being applied “online”.

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Thanks Martin and Johnny for the replies. The attached video shows as far as I was able to get with Cubase 13. While the MIDI quantize plugin window (set to real-time quantize) for each track will stays open as you select different tracks, the window itself does not reflect what track it belongs to. It would be more helpful for the MIDI plugin window to instead be displayed inside the inspector, and then have its display (context) switch automatically to reflect the settings for the selected track.

Oh, they changed that? In Cubase 12 the plugin stays in the Inspector.

Well, I guess not everything is getting better with new versions… another item on my list “what I dislike about Cubase 13”.