Question: How to identify quantize swing settings of MIDI parts?

Hi everybody…

I have a question regarding quantization settings:

Problem: Let’s say I have a Cubase project where I use for instance a quantize setting 1/16 with 61% swing on all MIDI parts. Let’s say it’s a while ago, I worked on other songs with other quantization settings . After a while I re-open the old project, change and add some MIDI parts. Now I do not remember which swing settings I applied to the existing parts. How do I figure out?

Notes: I use the real-time quantization MIDI plugin sometimes. But that does not work for audio tracks (like normal quantize with audio warp activated). Also it cannot be applied in one shot to all MIDI tracks like the normal quantizer.

Let me know your ideas or if I missed something :smile:

Maybe save quantize preset for later use?

Have several custom presets saved for groove quantization.

Here my question is more : Is there a way to identify, to see the quantization settings used in particular events. For instance [1/16, 60% swing, 100% quantization strength].

AFAIK, there is no way of identifying what quantization setting was applied to any particular event.
I would add the Feature Request tag to this thread.

Good idea! Done…