Feature Request: Global/Tutti Dynamics

I’d love to see Dorico provide intelligent support for “global” dynamics, i.e, a top-of-system tutti dynamic much like John Corigliano uses in his first symphony. This reduces a great deal of ink clutter in a full score, which is a blessing for a conductor. However, real support for this feature means that Dorico would need to understand that a) this single marking applies to all staves, and b) that said dynamic would need to be included in every part score.

Here’s the Corigliano work for reference.

For reference, I have seen this in scores as early as the Holst Suite in E-flat (Boosey, 1921).

This looks like a request for something resembling Finale’s “Score Lists.” Although Dorico has a Layout option to put certain System Objects above certain instrument groups a Score List approach (in addition) could be useful when a more granular approach is needed, especially when one wants to handle score and parts separately.