Feature Request: Japanese style H-bar and lyric

Since Dorico is becoming more popular in Japan, I post Japan-specific issues.

  1. The following styles of multi-bar rests are common in Japan:

    Negative numbers are not invalid with Bar count distance above or below staff of Multi-bar Rests in Engraving Options.

  2. In general, ćƒ¼(U+30FC) symbol is used as an extender line of Japanese lyrics.
    Without ties, it is automatically drawn properly.
    With a tie, however, underline (for Roman alphabet) is drawn instead of ćƒ¼.
    To modify this, we must delete the tie, type ćƒ¼, and then add the tie again so far.

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Iā€™m pleased to see a new option Use Japanese hyphens instead of extender line in Lirycs page of Engraving Options added in Dorico 5.
Hyphens inserted by this option are too far to the right. It should be centred on the noteheads.

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