Feature-request : Just play what is selected

Would it be possible to have a function which plays only selected notes (on one or several instruments) ? Shortly, “play the selection” (and not “play from the selection”, which already exists (“P”))

Could you give a more detailed explanation/illustration of what you are after. It is possible that Dorico can do this already.

If you select notes on only some staves/belonging to certain instruments, playback should only include those instruments. To hear one instrument only, select multiple items on its staff (like several notes or some notes and a dynamic).

I guess the OP wants not to play any notes that aren’t specifically selected. Making a selection and pressing P (sensibly) plays all the written notes in the selected staves.

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It sounds like the OP wants to be able to hear the sonority of - say - one beat, or a few, and not have it continue to play. Kind of like scrub playback, but with only certain staves selected. At least that’s how I read it. I don’t think that is currently possible - or is it?

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No scrub playback (yet), but it certainly has been requested before — and Daniel did not reject it.


Hopefully Dorico 4 will also bring looping of the selection.

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Not especially looping, but, having the situation shown on the joined screen shot - here a piece for organ -, just play the selected notes and nothing else (Notion, where I come from, has this very useful feature).