Feature Request: Melodyne ARA

I’d love to see Cubase embrace Celemony’s ARA technology. If Cubase and Melodyne spliced their genes together it would make a super DAW that would be unstoppable IMO. I’m not a Celemony employee or paid rep or anything. I just love Steinberg and Melodyne. As a customer of both, I’d LOVE LOVE LOVE to see seamless integration between the two.

More info here:

Aloha d,
and right on!

I believe there are a few other threads on this forum
about this very topic.

I too would love to see this done.

But then again I would also love to have my Strat and ES335 guitars
blended into one seamless entity.

Or my wife and my girl friend. :slight_smile:

In short:
It would be nice but ‘fat chance’.

At least we have both of them.


I hear you. I think you’re 100% accurate, too. I don’t believe Steinberg cares much for licensing out third party technology to implement in their own DAW. It would be awesome, but they already have their “solution” (albeit not as elegant and deep as Melodyne).

Oh well. Maybe one day…


ARA is pretty fresh. I would think anyone who wants to license the product in future will likely soaktest for bugs from that and their own products for the next year or so.
Unlike us who want it yesterday, tested or not, and then complain about it for the next year or so, calling it “unprofessional”. :mrgreen:

Count me in

Adding ARA would be a big plus for Cubase in my book. I have used this in Studio One and love its integration with Melodyne. However, I still prefer Cubase as a DAW overall.

Of significant note on this subject. Celemony announced the release of an ARA SDK.

The ARA Audio Random Access interface extension is now available to all software manufacturers. ARA allows for the improved integration of Melodyne and similar plug-ins into digital audio workstations (DAWs).

As an extension of existing plug-in interfaces such as VST or Audio Unit, ARA opens an additional channel of communication through which the DAW and plug-in are able to exchange information about the audio files and their placement in the song, as well as over their tempo, pitch, rhythm and more. The plug-in is “far closer to the action” in the DAW and therefore works considerably more efficiently; the DAW, for its part, is able to integrate the plug-in and take specific advantage of its strengths, as though the plug-in were part of the DAW itself.

When developers cooperate and adopt significant technological advancements, everybody ultimately benefits. MIDI is a prime example of this notion. I can only see this as a plus for Cubase if Steinberg decides to adopt this.

+1!.. again!

Hi Weasel,
I just read about that too.
A very big “+1” from me! :wink:

I wonder if this will be too late for Cubase 7, assuming it would be in Steinberg’s plans to implement.

For you folks that use Melodyne lately - what is it that makes it better than VariAudio? Would improvements to VariAudio be as acceptable a change in future Cubase versions as bringing in Melodyne ARA?

They are hugely different!..
VariAudio is excellent, of course, but it treats only solo material, whereas Melodyne Editor is not only polyphonic, it can modify individual notes inside polyphonic material.

and even on monophonic material, melodyne sounds better. i use vari-audio a lot because it’s faster when clients are sitting around. but for the really important stuff (lead vocals, or guitar), melodyne is the father. ed :slight_smile:

I must say for the average ‘not quite on pitch’ vocal note I think VariAudio is pretty d*rn good, also to correct slight off timing. Never used it to create harmonies from one voice, but for my needs it’s all I want…

vari-audio is also extremely good if you want a hard auto-tune effect but with note by note control.
but if steinberg gave me properly implememnted ARA support, vari-audio would be an aged relative sent off to a home. bye gran. and melodyne would have pride of place in front of the telly. aahhh. :smiley:

+1 Very much interested in this.Melodyne DNA is one of the most interesting new technologies that showed up in digital recording and editing the last few years.

Great point Weasel… couldn’t agree more.


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