[Feature Request] Plugin Manager

This is a feature that seem way overdue. I would like to be able to group my plugins by type such as EQ, Dynamics, Reverb ect. into folders, right now the way things are scattered its a mess! I was checking out Sonar X1 and they have a pretty cool way of handling this, Steinberg should be able to do this as well.

+1 :wink:

Plenty of threads on this already…a quick search of plugin sorting found these:


Some promising feedback from a Steinberg developer in that last one.

I’ve already seen those post’s when I did MY quick search and the response you speak of is about 8 months old.


+1 Yes please.

An extension of the PluginInfo window with the plugins displayed in a hierarchy type folder display would do the trick I’d say. (Kind of like using explorer to edit the AllPrograms menu on Windows say.)

Then, can we also have an IGNORE checkbox on each plugin so we can really easily disable (or check for) problem plugins…



I’ll post this again:
A plugin manager, like Mediabay but for plugins, with a simple search function and drag’n’drop support. Where you can have a window opened at all times with all your plugins ready to be added as Insert/Send FX or Process individual audio clips. Workflow would increase for sure!! :smiley:

Browsing and choosing plugins today can be a nightmare sometimes. I hate that I have to expand several windows with the mouse, and then, if you happen to move your mouse outside of the expandable window, it closes and you have to re-start the whole process. Every Cubase user I know hate this behaviour… The task of choosing a plugin should take some seconds, not half a minute or even minutes.

I hope Steinberg will also love this idea and make something into a 6.x update.


I’d also like a feature which can tell you which plug-ins are loaded in the current project, and on which tracks.

instrument plugins via media bay, drag’n drop from media bay to instrument tracks is currently possible:

a) “simply” instantiate every instrument plugin and save it’s initial state as vst3sound with the plugins name, create new type tag “Plugin” and tag this vst3preset as “Plugin” only.

Open the Media Bay, select type tag “Plugin” and every vst3sound tagged with “Plugin” is listed (would be a list of all your plugins, if you named your vst3sounds like the plugin), drag this “plugin” to your instrument track…


b) instantiate every plugin and save its initial state as vst3sound with the name “Initial”.

Open the Media Bay, make column “Plugin” visible, text search for vst3presets named “Initial”. You’ll get a list of many “Initial” vst3sounds. Highlight the plugin in the Plugin column, the one “Initial” vst3sound for this plugin is the search result, now drag this “Initial” to your instrument track…

you even can do similar savings, but not use vst3sounds, but track presets, so you could create QuickControl mapping templates for your plugins…

It’s just a lot of work, where saving initial vst3sounds per plugin could be automated by Cubase…

And the Media Bay doesn’t support drag and drop to instrument RACK slots (don’t know currently…), or FX slots… This has to be implemented at first!

A plugin manager is really wanted among Cubase users.
I think there are two ways you can make this manager.

The easy way - just let us sort the plugins:

  1. A plugin manager that lets you sort your plugins (“tree-view”). Could even be outside Cubase.

The best way - drag’n’drop plugins into mixer slots:

  1. Drag’n’drop support to Insert/Send slots in the mixer, directly from the plugin manager. The plugin manager should be able to be always-on-top so users can have it on screen all the time.
  2. It should have a search function.
  3. Drag’n’drop support to individual audio events/clips in the project.

Steinberg, any comments about our thoughts? :nerd:

Would like it, too. What about categories like “recently used” and “most used”, the iTunes style!

Cheers, Matze!