Feature Request Poll - Cubasis 3

Feature Request - Cubasis 3

  • AUv3 Sidechain
  • AUv3 Multi-output
  • Time signature and tempo track
  • Fx Track for send effects
  • Zoom out only track selected. ( so we don’t have to zoom in and out the project 1000 times to make on simple edit)
  • Lock project to scale or keyboard with scale option, and / or lock choose scale for piano roll
  • Mini Sampler with more editing functions (if not already updated from Cubasis 2 Mini Sanpler)
  • Audio Warp Quantisation
  • Make Audio splits Unique ( if you split audio events, only the section selected event should be viewed in Audio editor and not full audio file)
  • Media Bay volume control

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Hi there everyone, I’m creating this poll so people can vote in regards to what they to see in future updates to come.
You can obviously comment down what you’d like to see.
You have the option to choose 2 items on the list

Ableton link no.1 :slight_smile:

I’d like midi control over transport and the mixer over all of the above. More than any of these features I’d like a maintenance release to address the multitude of bugs.


I don’t think midi control will be implemented, not for now at least.
Because from what I understand, Lars and his team want cubasis to be mainly touch screen, mobile.

I’d like midi control over transport and the mixer too.
What about the Steinberg CC121? It must be possible to create a Cubasis template.


I’d like to be able to drag MIDI or audio events vertically - either to move them to a different track or just move them out of the way

Hi all,

Controller support is on our list for quite some time.
We are aware that many of our users want to have it.



I would LOVE a very simple, but essential, workflow improvement; DUPLICATE! So we’d be able with one touch select a MIDI cell then hit DUPLICATE and it would add a copy of that cell ON THAT TRACK immediately following that cell with one simple function. In most DAWs this is a no-brainer workflow staple. In Cubasis, to achieve this you have to 1) select the track 2) select the cell 3) copy 4) line up the play bar to where you’d want to copy 5) paste then 6) hope you selected the track first or it will have copied the damn cell to a completely different track! So then you have to figure out where it copied to, drag the cell around, hope you drag it to the right place… So frustrating. Could be sooooooo much easier. And so much more simple and intuitive. Please please please fix/add this?

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I’ll bring over my list from Cubasis 2, I don’t think any of them hit (maybe removal of the limiter?)

  • Dedicated drum editor

  • Half/double-time MIDI parts

  • MIDI overdub modes

  • Limit on-screen keyboard to show only notes in scale/key

  • User sorting of instruments and effects into folders

  • Plugin Delay Compensation

  • Add input gain to the master FX fixed Brickwall limiter or allow removal to use a third party limiter

Hi I’m new to the forum, but I’m not new to Cubasis (or Cubase). I dropped my vote on AUv3 sidechain. I really need it!

Also just like @Timski above here, I’d really like to be able to control the mixer and transport controls with a MIDI controller. I would want a feature where one could set a an individual MIDI channel just for this purpose. Thank you @LSlowak for letting us know that you are aware that many of us wants this feature.

Search features in Media Bay sections

Audio and MIDI Players with transport controls in Media Bay.

Easier editing of values in Automation editor (manual key in values, double click to set to default, increment, reverse data points, etc).

The value it displays in the far right in Automation editor is gray and barely visible. Reported this cosmetic issue long ago. Make it brighter, already!

Also search feature in instruments, presets, etc. It is very hard to locate instruments currently as they cannot be sorted, searched, etc in selection panels for tracks.

Do not re-save projects unnecessarily on just opening them and thereby messing up/updating their modified dates and sort order - unless some edits were made to it. See LumaFusion that works gracefully - does not re-save until it is modified.

If only one extra feature were to be implemented, I would have to go with the Pitch editing… so vital nowadays and nothing on iOS can do it or come close.

:+1: agreed

Definitely a better Minisampler. The inability to build your own drum kits from external samples is… That’s basic DAW stuff IMO. And what, 7 elementary chords to choose from? I would just like to be able to modify chord notes! Some kind of flexibility in that category should be a given. I bought This DAW to make rock music because BM3’s instrument packs were awful, but at least I can do 10x the sampling edits in there. Right now, months after release, Cubasis 3 is still nowhere near worth the asked price tag. Looking forward to an update! Keep up the hard work, thanks for what could be a really good product. We will see!

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Hi FearinLoathin,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis 3.0.1 is in the works and is aimed to address several user-reported issues.
We hope to be able to have the maintenance update out in this months.
Bringing back the MiniSampler edit functionality is planned to come in Cubasis 3.0.2, to follow after the next update.

Best wishes,

Develop the Minisampler more towards Groove Agent, with pads and keyboard view and the ability to import samples to pads/keys directly from files app. Multiple velocity layer support. Bring some of the BM3 or EG Pulse functionality (excluding sequencer) into Cubasis. That would be great!


At this point, it is planned to bring back the MiniSampler edit functionality known from Cubasis 2.


This is bullshit! I was just deleted the cubasis 3 :triumph::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Linked paste functionality like in NS2. Or am I the only one who needs this feature? Or I just simply don’t find it? :slight_smile: