[Feature Request] Update StepDesigner!

Would you like to see StepDesigner updated as described in this post?

  • 1. Absolutely!
  • 2. I could not care less, I don’t use that sissy midi stuff.
  • 3. What’s StepDesigner?

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How long has it been since this has been improved?

It has the makings of a Thesys with just a little improvement.

  1. Make the GUI scalable so you can view more than the puny 2 octaves at once … even though you can read the hidden notes, its a pain to have to pull the bar on the left up and down to get to different octaves. You need to be able to work easily and quickly in the GUI … you cannot now.

  2. Make it 64 step.

  3. Add a bar and whole note to the interval selections.

  4. Open up the automation to at least 8 CC parameters instead of the current 2.

  5. Permit copy/ paste of the automation parameters independent of the pattern (entire patterns with automation can already be copy/ pasted).

With 200 patterns per preset and 92 of them midi triggerable, with a little tweaking this is a beast in geeks clothing.




Great suggestions Como! I would love to see these features implemented in a future update :sunglasses:




Excellent! I use this all the time. I think that if the Step Designer is to allow us to view 2 octaves and 64 steps, it’s (obviously) going to need to be quite a bit bigger!! I would also like to see a “Paste All” button or something to that effect so that you can paste your data on all the patterns simultaneously. And, of course, an easier way to merge the changes into the MIDI event from the Step Designer screen. Poor beginners like myself would never know this was possible until the experts like Como come along and enlighten us!!

SX 2 ?

So would I, but don’t get your hopes up, if Steinberg does decide to apply these nice updates…I think we’'ll be doing good to have them in C7. :neutral_face:

I agree, the poll is a bit useless though :wink:

I’d hoped it might just keep the thread from falling into the back pages. Sort of a devious way to ‘bump’ yourself and look completely innocent.

But since it doesn’t seem to do that … there’s always ‘meta comments’ to keep it from disappearing.



yeah, I had a quick look and it was a bit … limited! :confused:
It has to be larger and like the BeatDesigner it has to be able to stretch!
Not sure why these two are not in the same type of window???
I’m not in the target group for that tool I guess but LARGER and 64 notes seems reasonable.
What I really would want would be MIDI keyboard input
And the BeatDesigner needs to be larger.
Maybe there is a use for this kind of thing even for me if I could bang out notes with the MID Keys :sunglasses:
Also I’d like to have horizontal lines for C#, D#, F#,G,# and A# (akin to the Key Editor)so as to not get disoriented.
Apart from that and the size of it all, maybe it will be useful for something.
Did I mention it has to be LARGER?

PS The whole thing is too tiny?

Wow! It’s great to see this thread resurrected!

Ulf, why do you say it’s tiny? Don’t you just reset your screen resolution to 360 x 240 like everyone else?

Anyway, since I’ve found this http://hgsounds.com/product/vortex, I’ve had my ‘what StepDesigner could be’ fantasy fulfilled … and then some, as Vortex is a multitimbral version of StepDesigner, running up to 12 sequencers in sync from a single instrument, each sequence individually addressable to any discrete midi channel or combinations there of, and with 12 internal synths if you don’t want to send midi out to your own instruments.

I’ve been beta testing Vortex over at KVR http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=340421. It is a midiots dream come true.


You’re welcome, Como. :stuck_out_tongue:


Good to see ya around. I think it’s really cool that all the MIDI plug-ins hype is back in the forums. I love this stuff.

+1 and stuff. =)