Feature Request:Verse, Chorus, Interlude Rehearsal marks

I’m using system text (alt+shift+x) to create what I want right now, but I’d love a supported way to have more than one indexed rehearsal mark. Some of the projects I work on use “V.1, V.2, …” for verses, “C.1, C.2, …” for choruses, and “L.1, L.2, …” for interludes. Presently, to duplicate that with the “rehearsal mark” feature, I’d have to manually change the index of each rehearsal mark, and then add a suffix to each one.

It’d be just AMAZING to be able to have multiple indices available that automatically increment(!!).


Welcome to the forum, and thanks for the suggestion, Arron. Better support for labeling sections in the music is something that we have on our backlog for future versions.


Sometimes I’ll label sections like this so I can still take advantage of continuous rehearsal marks as well as section labels like “Verse” and “Chorus”. It’s possible to do manually with system text but I’d love a way to have this as a single item.

Either way, good to know you guys have plans for this in the future!



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I’d find this super useful as well.

Cliff—is the section label in this instance system text? If so, did you align it manually with the rehearsal mark? As is, system text doesn’t seem to align nicely with rehearsal marks (as tempo text does), “bumping” them up vertically in a way that isn’t helpful.

Use the index to give your rehearsal text the first letter “I” = index 9
then enter “ntro” into the suffix
you get “Intro” as rehearsal text
I have scripted this so its almost instant for Intro Verse Chorus Bridge Solo etc

harleytat, no, there’s still no way to do what Cliff’s post shows, automatically, with system text.

I’d love to see this feature as well!

As a workaround for this moment I’m using Tempo Marks to label “Verse”, “Chorus” and so on.
However, the downside is that you will have to edit your Tempo in all of your Tempo Marks to ensure consistent playback or MIDI data when exporting.

+1 for me!!

+1 what a great idea!

I do not see why System Text doesn’t provide for this. I must be missing something.

I want it to auto-increment, though, and for me not to have to re-size…

I can see how your original idea would work, with different sub-series where you type in the letter and Dorico updates the number.

Alexander and Harley seem to want something quite different, and my response (I suppose) was mostly to their variant on your idea.

Adding my +1 to this backlogged request for more flexible rehearsal mark conventions.

I will add my name to those requesting this addition.

+1 here

FWIW, I created a boxed text paragraph style that includes the parameters for generating the box within the style itself. It’s easy to create a text object, select the paragraph style, and have at it. In fact, you only have to do this once, and then you can alt-click the first instance to another spot in the score and just double click to edit the text to say something else. I’ll grant that an official tool, nestled in with rehearsal marks, would not be unwelcome, but it is not essential since the lack of such a feature is easily circumvented.

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My +1!!!

This is sort of kludgy, but you can fake out the Rehearsal Marks to get this. The trick is to use Letter sequence type along with Suffixes.

Dorico does not care if the Indexes are out of sequence.
Labeled Rehearsal Marks.dorico.zip (520.1 KB)

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