Feature request - vst connect

Not quite sure what you mean. Repeated: the recording section controls what you hear and record in the Studio, the Monitor section controls what the Performer hears. This has been like that since v 1.0 (I guess). What’s not yet implemented is saving presets for plugins in Performer.

Ok thanks, that makes sense. It is always a bit of a hassle discussing vst connect since you cant really work with it unless someone is connected to you, and when you dont have things infront of you it can be hard to remember how things worked when it was 3 weeks since you last looked at it.

Infact here is another feature request: A server that you can connect to that constantly plays audio, so that you can connect to this fake person and “practise using vst connect” without taking up your performers time.

is it possible to name the different channels? so that I can see which sound I put on the different channels?

test robot: we are considering that already, will be limited though how many can test at a time.
rename channels is in the making, should work with next update.

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Great News! Thanks!

Is there a way to change the knob movements from circular to linear?

not yet, sorry.

Here’s one: When there’s an internet glitch (have encountered any number of them on current project) I understand why there are dropouts on the Nuendo side-- it makes sense that a faulty connection would not create dropouts. BUT-- when the HD files get imported, those dropouts are evident as “lost time” in the file. Since the HD recording happens on the Performer side, into the Performer computer, could the HD recording’s continuity be preserved, or is that not possible?

Yes, I watch my meters, and do retakes. But it’d be great if the HD recordings “saved the day.” Might this someday be part of how VST Connect can work?

What a great addition to Nuendo, in any case.


That doesn’t happen because of networking problems. HD files are recorded directly on the Performer machine and as such there is no danger of dropouts because of networking problems. Net actions are lower priority. Thus, Performer most probably has too low a buffer (latency) setting.
We also discovered a performance problem in some cases for Apple platforms, fixed with the next version. For now, try to convince Performer to raise his or her buffer size, can also be set from the Studio side/Performer settings if Performer is on OSX.

That’s the idea, and so far it has worked that way, but see above.

I’m wondering if this is has something to do with what I experienced. I did experiment with different buffer sizes (we’re both on Macs), and the issue remained regardless.

For what it’s worth, the Performer side was using an ApogeeOne, which, either due to Performer-side user inexperience or driver issues (haven’t had the opportunity to fully troubleshoot), has been problematic. Its connection to Performer has been spotty-- at times, even when it shows connection to Performer the input would actually be coming from the internal microphone. I developed a routine for getting things running again, the most important factor apparently being running Onyx. And even then, I’ve never been able to get the Performer side headphones to work.

I’ve tested my session out with a colleague in another location, but in his case using an Apollo, and it works flawlessly, with no settings adjustments. Headphones work, no dropouts in any of our trials. This suggests to me, though I’m not the world’s most systematic troubleshooter, that the issue’s either the interface and/or its driver or the Performer-side computer (a newer MacBook Air, but not Silicon).

Does any of this sound like something you’ve seen before?


Well, problems with audio interfaces are a wide issue, nothing particulary related to VST Connect. Try to see if built-in or other audio interfaces work with the same computer. Always make sure to have up-to-date drivers…common advice for interface problems, nothing specific I could tell.

Is there a way to get video streaming while in rehearse mode? Would be super useful for doing mix reviews with a client.

We’ll look into it, thanks.