Feature Request with key Commands still not fixed in Cubase 11.0.20

Bug with key Commands still not fixed in Cubase 11.0.20

There is a whole lot of funky business going on with Key commands and how they work in Cubase. And to be honest this needs to be addressed by Steinberg.

I will focus on the Mixer Window related Key commands in my example as here I am able to show that two Key commands from the same category, essentially doing the same thing, behave differently in relation to focused windows.

Key Command: “Bypass: Insert on Main Mix”

When using this Key Command, I can Bypass the insert on the Master Output, from the project window, without focusing the Mixer Window. This is the way I would expect any Key Command to work!

Key Command: “Bypass: Insert”

When using this Key Command, I am not able to bypass the Insert’s unless the Mixer Window is in Focus. This is not how a key command should work in my opinion!

Where is the need for me to have a key command only work if a certain window is open/focused? It is not like I can use the same short key to trigger different key commands depending on what window is focused. At least I am not aware of this functionality and therefor I see no logic in key commands only working if a certain window is focused.

Steps to reproduce.

  • Create a new project.
  • Add 4 Audio Tracks (or any number of tracks you feel like)
  • Assign a unique short key to each Key Command mentioned above. Both key Commands can be found in the Mixer Folder

I used the following short keys for the Key Commands:

  • ALT+T = Key Command: “Bypass: Insert on Main Mix”
  • ALT+Q = Key Command: “Bypass: Insert”
  • Make Sure the Mixer Window is closed when you use the Key Commands.
  • Use Key Command (a) then open the mixer and you will see that it bypassed the Inserts on the Main Mix. Now use short key (a) again. This will toggle the Insert to its initial state. Now close the Mixer.
  • Repeat above Step with key command (b). When reopening the mixer, you will see that none of the inserts have been bypassed.

When the Mixer Window is in Focus both key Commands work as intended. They toggle the Bypass inserts on and off.

This is a Bug report so please do not offer any Macro programming solutions to work around this issue. I am aware of such solutions but want Steinberg to finally fix this on their End.

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This is not a bug. As you can see, the Key Command is in the Mixer Category. The MixConsole has to be in focus to receive the Key Command.

Hi Martin,
Both key commands are in the Mixer category, yet one of them does not need the mixer to be in focus.
That to me is a bug.

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If you follow my steps, mentioned above to reproduce the issue, you should see the following.

Steps for first short Key
• Make sure Mixer Window is closed
• Press ALT+T (or your own short key) = Key Command: “Bypass: Insert on Main Mix”
• Now open the Mixer window you should see the following.

• Now press ALT+T (or your short Key) again
• Close the Mixer.
• Repeat all steps above only this time start with the Mixer Open the Result you should see is the same as before only this time you can see the yellow light turn on and off.

Steps for second short Key
• Make sure Mixer Window is closed
• Press ALT+Q (or your own short key) = Key Command: “Bypass: Insert”
• Now open the Mixer window you should see the following.

As you can see this time none of the Inserts where bypassed.
• Now repeat all steps for the second Key and this time start with the Mixer Open. You should see the following.

• Both Key commands are from the same category (Mixer)
• Both key commands perform a similar Task (bypass insert)
• Yet the first one does not need the Mixer Window to be in focus in order to perform its task.

Hope this clarifies things a little.

Hi Martin,

have you had any chance to look into this again ?
Thanx for you support!

@Matthias_Quellmann since I am no longer getting any response from @Martin.Jirsak on this Topic, no idea why, maybe you or another Moderator can have a look at this.


I had a look on it. I can reproduce it, from your description. But I’m really quite convinced, it works as specified.

You can replicate it even if the MixConsole is open all the time. You can just switch focus of the window. If the focus is in the Project window, the Bypass: Insert command doesn’t work. This command is bind to the MixConsole window only.

It’s the same in other Cubase’s area. For example in the MediaBay. Some Key Commands are working only, if the MediaBay has focus.

This works as specified.

Hi Martin,

ThX for looking into this.
I have to disagree on the point that it is working as intended. In my opinion if this where the case then both commands would behave the same when window is focused and when it is not.

As a user I can only point out what does not make sense and hope that this will be looked into and sorted out. Using key commands is part of my workflow and if they are not consistent in their implementation then this should be corrected.

All I am pointing out t with my example given, is that is possible to use key commands without the window being in focus. And in my opinion ( I would still call it a bug) this should be the standard.

But thank you for your feedback and time.


From my point of view, it’s not a bug, because it works as specified. I would recommend to remove the issue tag and add feature-request tag. Then all is fine.

My personal opinion is, this focus-based Key Command concept should be either removed or much more clear to the user.