Feature Requests - Cubasis

It would be great to have an arm/unarm all tracks for recording button. I’ve had a few big projects lately with a lot of tracks and it’s annoying forgetting a track which is out of view is armed and sometimes muted and then accidentally recording a load of takes over it.

Talking of lots of tracks, I’m sure I read on this forum somewhere or other a request for track folders/sub groups oh and busses as well but incase my memory serves me incorrect then I’d like to request those as well please :stuck_out_tongue:

P.s the edit midi velocity in the piano roll during playback still needs someone to take a look at it :wink:

As already mentioned Save Mixdown directly as M4a or WAV to iTunes/Music app. There doesn’t seem to be a way to get around this without using a computer unless I’m missing something major?

For me i think the next features should include…

Aux busses / sends - the sends you have now dont have the same effect (pardon the pun) in my humble opinion

Individual track resizing - it would be nice to resize an individual track when youre done working on it and keep it small so it takes up less screen space and more for the sections you are actually working on. This is especially important with frozen tracks. Or even perhaps having frozen tracks take up the same amount of space than regular tracks. So when you have a bunch of frozen ones youre taking up twice the space.

Track locks - I cant tell you how many times ive accidentally moved, resized, nudged or straight up deleted tracks accidentally. If there was a way to easily lock and unlock a track when needed so you cant do a thing to it that would be great!

update idea… make it work on iphone too

Usindpg Cubasis 2 about month and I think it’s really good. But it can be amazing
Must have reaquests from my point of view

  • grouping tracks
  • arrangement markers
  • scales in keyboard/midi edit modes
  • clips renaming (I found only tracks renaming)
  • more routing options cuase sometimes freezing isn’t best choise
  • export mixdown per track in one zip file. I like to make final touches in desctop daw and exporting every single track to dropbox is waiste of time
  • and ofcourse link support to sync host with old iaa aps like patterning, ielectribe and samplr. because now it’s real pain and i need to use 3rd party apps like midiflow

You are right about the send effect.i used Filterstation2 as a send and insert and took away all the highs.it works as should in the insert but the send track only gets raid of the some frequencys and you don’t get the same effect as on the insert.strange

wrote a little something here: Mini Sampler - Cubasis - Steinberg Forums

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

Would be really handy when a Bluetooth Keyboard or any directly connected Keyboard on iPad Pro.

Like Space Key for play/pause… copy paste, record, all that stuff

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think that APPLE PENCIL integration should be an important improvement, game changer for iPad Pro/pencil users, especially for editing.
I mean: supporting the double tap (with assignable functions) and the pencil pressure /orientation

Some examples:

  • when editing a note, the pressure changes the value of his velocity
  • when editing a modulation parameter, the pressure changes his value
  • pointing on a blank area on the track area + pressure and movement up/down: zoom in and out the tracks magnification
  • the same (point + pressure) but pointing on the timeline area: zoom in/out the timeline
  • double tap on the pencil: switches between the tools or quantizzation values (one bar/no quantization would be very useful)
  • moving a part with the pressure on, it automatically double it instead of moving

Also the smart folio keyboard or simply some kind of KEYBOARD integration could be a very useful improvement, adding so the possibility to have keyboard shortcuts (spacebar play/stop, tools switches).

I love so much my iPad pro with Apple Pencil and i’d Like to see that integration in the future.

Best regards


Lock tracks together so that none of them slip out of sync accidentally.

This should be prio 1.

Hi all I have to say that the app is amazing but in my opinion tempo track must definitely be added also double tap ‘n drag to select instead having to press the icon all the time and the option to add custom sounfonts in micro sonic and being able to select the default soundfont of your liking.

Requests for two enhancements

Leaving Cubasis became a PITA on the new iPad without a home button. A swipe to leave Cubasis is way to risky, since it easily could damage a song. As a workaround I enabled AssistiveTouch. However, it would be better, if Cubasis would provide a button in the top bar to leave Cubasis.

There should be a way for archiving projects on external media and to load them from an archive media. When using iTunes’ file sharing it is possible to save and load files and it also works to save folders, but IIUC it’s impossible to load a complete project folder. Let alone that file sharing for the Cubasis Audio/ folder fails for my two iPads with a duplicate file name error. Fortunately it works for all other Cubasis folders.

@unknown crewman

There are many ways to export/import projects to external media. I often wonder, why nobody knows the trick. I use this solution for YEARS! I never used iTunes for this…

There are many good solutions, especially from RAVPower like:

Or this one:

I use the older model RP-WD01 for years without any problems with SD-Cards, USB-sticks and Hard-drives up to 2TB (!).
This way you can import or export many formats (wave, mp3, jpg, docs, Cubasis projects…) inside many apps like AudioShare, Cubasis,… (i.e. open-in). You have to use a iOS filehub-app to manage your files. These are ‚FileHub Plus‘ or ‚RAV Filehub‘.

There are some videos on YouTube like:

I hope, this solve your (and others) point.


You can rename clips.its been able I think ever since Cubasis come out.take a look at the photo.

The app it’s self is pretty solid.but Pleaseeeee gives us at least one of the most requested features, this year.at least one.
1 Buses (real sends)
2 Side Chain (audio routing)
3 User folders in the Mediabay(a real folder management) and if possible drag and drop from Filesapp.

In regards to the requests of hardwares controlling Cubasis, that can wait.That’s definitely something that would be cool.but then we miss the whole point of the touch Daw.
It shouldn’t be a priority for now in my humble opinion.
PleAse give us at least one of the 3 above even as IAp.

Thank you Iskander,

I’ll keep this in mind. For the moment I’ll stay with iTunes, since I randomly noticed that the File Sharing’s “Add File…” becomes “Add Folder…”, when pushing a shift key. I didn’t test it yet, so there might be pitfalls.
Btw. I’m now accustomed to use AssistiveTouch as a replacement for the missing home button.



already a very good app, very intuitive and efficient but it would be great to have a delete /insert mesaures beetween locators and like already said , groups, Aux bus, side chain , midi learn inside Cubasis

Cubasis works like a charm.
Need couple of features to improve comfortability:

  1. Have created subfolders under Midi/User with collections of external midi drum patterns.
    That works fine, but there are no option for quick auditioning(preview) of these patterns.
    That is not very comfortable when selecting appropriate pattern from collection.
    Can hear how pattern plays only after gragging it to midi track.
    Please add audition(preview) of external midi files (like it works in desktop Cubase). GM sound would be OK.

  2. Ability to control “Record On/Off” from external midi controller.
    When recording guitar it takes time to press record button and then to move hand to proper position on fretboard. Precount works nice and helps a lot, but not absolutely. It would be better to press foot switch on a midi controler (like FCB1010 or similar).

Thanks in advance !

Please add a ‘notes’ option per track or per project. So that we can add misc information. Eg presets used in an audio track, ideas, intentions etc.