Feature requests video (in context)

I made a video to put my feature requests in context. I think it makes more sense that way specially for Variaudio 3.0. Here it is:

vari-audio needs some love from steinberg on next update :slight_smile:
especially the smoothness of transients between notes and sibilance detector as u mentioned i your video…
also i would like to see volume adjustments per note and formants adjustments…better algorithm always welcome for better quality corrections,and i wish i could somehow remove the option to mute the notes with the hovering “X” mute thing… this one drives me crazy… i need to zoom in so much to avoid it !!

Nice video… :slight_smile:

Regarding the VariAudio enhancements specifically, I’m all for them (and as @mozizo mentions too…!). I’ve got these pretty much covered in my main VariAudio Feature Request (Wish list) thread here…
(please add your support/votes… :wink: )

You might not be aware, but you should also check out pp509/510 in the Manual where it talks about ‘Tilting the micro-pitch curve’ and using ‘Anchors’ to just tilt the ends/beginnings of segments. I believe you cannot get great/satisfactory results from VariAudio without fully utilising these tools. Maybe you have used these and don’t like them…? Still to much work…? :wink:

A ‘one-button’ approach maybe what you want (and I’d bet I’d find myself using it too…!), but I’d still need some manual control. For example, how intelligent would the tool need to be, to determine this ‘middle part of the segment’ where exactly the note-transitions begins/ends…? Could be difficult, or always requiring extra human input no matter what it comes up with… so, the effort is still needed on our part…

Dealing with sibilances, VocAlign type facility and amplitude (volume) manipulation are among my favourite future wishes too, BTW…! :slight_smile:

Thanks for you input! Yes I know about the anchor but it’s not really what I’m looking for. I noticed in your feature requests that you mentioned an attack/release slider for straighten pitch :smiley: I’ve been requesting that for 2 years and nobody seemed to care about this so I’m glad to see that I’m not alone! A simple button would be better than nothing but being able to control when the straighten pitch starts and stops would be the ideal solution. I love variaudio and I think these improvements would make it the best vocal/monophonic tuning solution on the market.