Feature Requests

Copy and paste indeed is working, now. Maybe it was a bug in the v1.0 release.
Regarding zone transitions: It would be great to have transitional regions between zones where both zones are triggered. Let’s say, you have Layer 1 for the left zone and Layer 2 for the right zone. The closer you play to Layer 1 within this transition region, the the louder you hear Layer 1 and the quieter Layer 2 becomes and vice-versa. Right in the middle of the transition region, you would have a 50% mix of Layer 1 + 2.

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  1. Performance stability, especially, LLP
  2. Importing tempo tracks from Cubase or at list following tempo changes from exported from Cubase media project
  3. Plugins automation like in Cubase? dedicated automation tab or smthg
  4. Creating Songs/Parts from Cycle markers of Cubase project
  1. Multiply Lyric tracks or something to display some time-stamped notes in mobile app, where everyone who connects can choose his own line e.g. “Half-time from next bar” or “Don’t forget about those Beatles-ish fill” to drummer, or “Don’t play this terrible intervals here” to bassist, etc.
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Metronome midi clock output


Ability to trigger parts on the next upbeat, like in Ableton Live.

Make parts switchable between “play on” or “stop” at the next part (metronome keeps going either way).

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Maybe Im missing it , but the Lyric size are way to small to use on stage.
Please make it easy to adjust size and color ( easy )

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VST Live Mods App for Android

At least as many (if not more) users of VST LIVE use Android devices!


Display Images (JPG/PNG)
The possibility of being able to output Images (JPG/PNG) synchronized (i.e. with individual/different display times) like videos on monitors/beamers/video walls. There should be corresponding preview options in VST LIVE.

  1. Loop function that loops currently playing part.
  2. Part launch Quantization. Switch to a part on a defined beat
  3. Input gain on audio tracks
  4. Vst plugin selection window similar to Cubendo

Love the Concept thus far and would love to see these features added.


Tooltips for all controls

  1. Plugin search in inserts

Not for bar-by-bar sync as VST Live does for Chords and Lyrics. Camelot from Audio Modelling can display PDF on a song by song basis. Camelot supports a few of the features which are mentioned in this thread but it is somewhat simpler than VST Live

Lyrics have a zoom slider and color setting for active line, what are you missing?

You can drop pictures to the “Notes” module which is per Song. PDF in the making.

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Good to know. Manual and UI sugest that “Notes” are text-only …

Defiantly not seeing a way to increase size of text spent a good hour . Color I was aware of but the best programs are self explanatory .As well as adding text one line at a time is a nightmare for the operator. maybe with videos on the basic features might make it easier

… we’ll add text zooming to the Lyrics editor soon.

… what do you expect? Maybe dragging a text file to the editor and each line in the text file will be a lyric line. We are listening.

See you,

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Hi! thanx for the good work.

  • more possibilities about managing playlists: crossfades between songs, or stop in the end of a song, etc…
  • the possibility to have a playlist of tracks before or after show, don’t know how it can be handeled. maybe a stack of mp3 tracks rather than a song per track.
  • mp3 imports

(I’ll use it essentially as a foh engineer to manage plugins in insert for individual channels, or reverbs send/return, with Dante Virtual Sound Card and Yamaha mixers)


Yes that would be perfect .Drag a text file.Then use scissor tool to split the way you need it. Then move each phrase in place .Also include - + size text thats one of the most important things. . Most performers will want to output lyric to a HDMI port for a large screen.This option would make VST live the number one choice .VST live is a brilliant concept and covers what other companies do not have, Keep going its so close to being amazing


Uniform and consistent user interface
Even at the risk that this feature has already been requested several times, I would like to speak out in favor of a uniform and consistent user interface. After installing the SpectraLayers 9 Pro update today, I realize how important a consistent UI is for an intuitive workflow.