Feature Requests

Hello everybody,

We are happy to see how interested you are in VST Live!

We are eagerly following your posts and messages and are working to create an incomparable program for you. Within this framework, we would also like to respond to your requests. That’s what this thread is for. Feel free to post your feature requests in this thread. But really only your feature requests, please no discussions here, so that it remains clear and manageable. You can also use the poll function for your answers, so that other users can vote and we can better understand which features are especially desired.

We are looking forward to your suggestions! :slight_smile:

A consistent UI interface through the entire application as offered by Cubase, Dorico and Wavelab.


Demo version,please.

  • Tempo and time signature - Ability to have multiple tempo and time signature changes in each song.
  • Edit MIDI Data - Doesn’t have to be as deep as Cubase but at least similar would be great. Notes, CC, Program Change.
  • Expression Maps - I know, I know, hear me out on this one. EM are such a great live performance tool. I use expression maps in Cubase for live performance to trigger looper functions, patch changes on hardware and software synths. The great thing about using EM’s for this is I can use names that make sense like "Song X - Patch Name or whatever I want. Once I’ve set up the “articulations”, it makes it incredibly easy and quick to make changes to the live set on the fly because I don’t have to remember program change numbers, CC numbers, MIDI channel numbers, etc. I can use a single “articulation” to send many different types of messages in a single click (Keyswitch/Articulation = patch change or looper trigger).
  • Re-order tracks by dragging.
  • Crossfade between songs. Sometimes I want to connect two songs by making a seamless transition between them.
  • Ability to send MIDI to a VST audio effect. For example, I use Audio Damage Enso for a looper and need MIDI to trigger actions like record, overdub, play, etc. I automate this in a MIDI track and send that MIDI to the plugin, instead of triggering it manually from a MIDI controller.
  • “Whole Set View” - Would be helpful to view your whole set in linear form similar to looking at your arrangement in a DAW. This is useful because you have a bird’s eye view of what’s going on and ideally could edit crossfades between songs.
  • Generic Remote - Basically bring Generic Remotes from Cubase and allow us to configure MIDI controllers to control every single parameter in VST Live.
  • Slash Chords - Add the ability to use slash chords (For example: C/E)
  • Freely Move Chords - Allow to freely move chords around in the track and in “Chords View”. Allow key commands like copy, cut, paste, delete. This shouldn’t even have to be a feature request. It’s such a basic function.

→ the Knobs/Buttons/Faders of any VST Plugin has to be assignable to Knobs/Buttons/Faders within VST Live (as one should expect from a VST Host-Program :slight_smile: I read that this already is work in progress, but i want to add that it would be nice to have a touch-friendly interface for that. In case you know Touch OSC, Touchable Pro, or similar software developed for Touch-Control = it is highly enjoyable to create ones own interface for the VSTs we love, and to adjust everything live via Touch

→ Touch-Control: It seems the main interface isn’t particularily friendly to touch control, correct me if i m wrong. Also, any additional App for Controls (e.g. of midi/CC-Assignments of favorite VSTs via custom built Assignment GUI) should PLEASE be available for Android, not only for Ipad/Iphone.

→ this one would be my personal favorite, although highly unlikely to be implemented:
i have to ask if you could make a LoopStation within VST Live. To me, that’s a must-have feature for Live-Performance. And although i like hardware loopers like the BOSS RC505, i see so many advantages within software for Looping, beginning with the end of the restriction to only 5 Loop-Tracks. Loopy Pro (app for ipad) is showing how awesome Looping via Touchcontrol can be. Not only the nice looks of it (Moving Waveform-Donuts) , but also the functionality. So, in case you’re thinking about improving the “Looping within the Sequencer” function, why not also think about a revolutionary feature (Audio and Midi Loops within a Loopstation-Section with nice visual feedback, controllable via touch/assignable hardware.)
btw: if someone thinks ‘why dont you just use Ableton for that’ = The Looper Plugin in Ableton has severe disadvantages, e.g.: You’re unable to see an overview of all loopers going on, as each is “Hidden” in the specific track - and the audio-engine is bad-> Tempochange equals pitch-change. With Steinbergs knowledge of Audio-Engines, it should be possible to create a Looper-Loopstation which also automatically recognizes transients, being able to automatically slice/cut silence at the beginning of the audio-loop, or even auto-quantize audio.


Notation. There is more than guitar players and singers. Running notation eg from a Dorico file would be nice, displaying a PDF on a per song base - see what the competitors are doing - would do the job.


Fully agree with tempo and time signature changes. Not sure about some others - I don’t need another DAW but rather an even tighter integration of Cubase.


The ability to route midi out from the chord track to an instrument and use more sophisticated (9,11,13, alt…) type of chords (like chord track functionallity in cubase) would be a great adition.

Oscillators for DMX-channels.

Naming for DMX-fixtures. Fixture name on top? Fader purposes below? R-G-B-W-Dim-Strobe… and so on.

Grouping for DMX-fixtures. Freely.


stop of the track once played and move to the next (or not)


Notation in sync with the bars. As a guitarplayer I know the songs. But nowadays I work with very fine musicians, who are very dependant on sheet music however. And counting bars. It would help them a lot if the notation is in sync with the music.

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Importing scenes and presets from DMXIS.

  1. Ability to use easy Midi plugins like Xfer Cthulthu to control second layer vsti.
  2. Global macro controllers for all layers. Ability to assign parameters from different layers in a part to global macro knobs/sliders/switches to control it with midi-controller live.
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Wow this looks very nice and promising.

Can you please tell the user community if this very promising new program from your very reputable company will soon or eventually be Apple Silicon compatible?


Does a competition app exist that supports notation?

Folders to group plugins
Marker track
Zones resize- Add stacks and layers to right Zone

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I have a few suggestions for the next version(s):

  1. Assign MIDI controls to any layer parameter by right-click → “learn MIDI CC” (incl. min + max value + curve in preferences
  2. Switch to next/previous song/part via MIDI.
  3. Smooth keyboard zone transitions like e.g. KORG KRONOS offers
  4. Copy & paste of Layers does not seem to work.
  1. coming
  2. see Devices/Actions
  3. pls elaborate, also see Edit/Preferences/Layers/Sustain time
  4. works fine what do you do and expect
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1.plugins list with types.
2.mixer can change color and can be draged freely.
4.side chain for fx plugins.
5.can add more fx for one channel. 4 fx is not enough.
6.make the software more steady
Thanks for work!