Feature Requests

…which you also reported here.
As said, pls don’t use this thread for issues like that.
We are on the case, thanks for reporting - there :slight_smile:

Please add “e” to lower zone Mixer to expand channels.

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Would be nice if the mixer in the lower zone could allow for a smaller vertical size to have a bit more space for the notes on a laptop screen.

I do not really use the lower zone mixer for mixing with the mouse, it is more for reference. The key information for me in there is the sequence of the mixer channels (because mixer channels 1-8 are mapped to faders on my master keyboard it really helps to know which sounds are mapped where and maybe which channels are currently muted.

If the mixer channel gets too small for a proper labeling of the per channel level axis, you could simply only show the lines without labeling or replace this by a display of the set / peak level values as on the bottom of the normal mixers.

Would also be nice if the current value would be shown numerically somewhere, both when moving the mixer volumes with he mouse or with an external controller.

An idea: Could you add a column in Action/Shortcuts to chose “In”, “Out”, “in/Out” how to deal with the MIDI messages. “In” is the current behaviour. “Out” will send the assigned MIDI message when the UI element in VSTL changes only. And “In/Out” will do both listen and send. With that it will be very easy to sync external Controllers.

We have that on our list already, thanks!

Chord Transposition
New feature request. Please can a transpose function be added to the Chord editor. Playing songs with different singers, it is a common request for a song to be played in a different key. It would be so helpful to be able to change all the chords in a song at once, by a specified number of semitones.


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Added to next version. Note this is purely a visual transpose.

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Hi @Falfango and @musicullum and @Spork,

yes I understand the approach of using cascaded group channels.

It’s only suitable if you have a very low track number.

In my session I have arrangements between 8 and 16 playback tracks.
Each band member (6-8 persons) want an individual headphone mix.

So if I use the cascaded group method, it’s very confusing.
Especially if you want to quick changes.

So please consider to blow up the send section to 8 or better 12 outputs :slight_smile:

I can’t support you with software development but with experience from the practical side.


Working on 8 inserts and 8 sends per channel.

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  1. Add Layer Mute, Solo, Volume, and Pan to CC Map destinations.
  2. Filter note data in a Layer (like you do with Poly After touch)

(Not sure if this has been requested yet …)

Request 1 Use case: Using a foot peddle (CC source) to Mute/Solo, Change Volume, and/or Change Pan via CC message on it’s layer and also see it reflected in the Layer’s GUI

This is useful to use a foot switch or pedal that is separate from the Template based Midi assignments. And is Layer specific doesn’t mater what it’s layer index is. Sure, you could just assign the peddle to the Mute. But then your stuck with that assignment and the peddle can’t really be used for anything else

Add the destinations in the cc map list and have any CC message manipulate the Layer controls. No other Gui changes needed.

Request 2. Use case: Using a Peddle (CC Source) that is attached to a synth that you want to use to control modulation on another synth or plugin. but you don’t want note data sent (just CC data - the note data will be present because it is being used with it’s own patch). I do this now by setting the key range to the lowest note and sending it to the same midi destination (or share) of the target. I think it should be easier.

These “Swiss Army Knife” features are important to a keyboard player.

Thanks for the consideration

Use “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts” and/or “Learn” at the bottom left.

Interesting request :slight_smile:
You may consider keyzones, just set it to some note you’ll never use (like 0).

If I use “Devices/Actions and Shortcuts” and/or “Learn” at the bottom left. I’m stuck with that assignment forever (in that project). If you put it in the Layer CC map, I can use my CC controllers for different purposes on different Layers (or songs).

You can change it there…and assign Layer instance (1, 2, 3 etc).
But we do get your point, it would be simpler your way, will consider that, thanks.

Something like this…?